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New Products Added to NWR Hygiene Stable

NWR Hygiene Group is delighted to announce that the company is now offering two amazing product ranges to their clients both guaranteeing new levels of hygiene excellence.

The first offering is the full range of Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers. The range includes all of the latest in Airblade™ technology which includes the original “hands-in” Dyson Airblade hand dryers, the “hands-under” Dyson Airblade V hand dryers and the new Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryers which allow you to wash and dry hands at the sink. The Dyson ranges’ new Airblade™ technology uses the Dyson digital motor V4, one of the world’s smallest, fully-integrated1600W motors whose small size and power density make Dyson’s latest hand dryer technology possible.

All Dyson Airblade products incorporate HEPA filters that remove 99.9% of bacteria drying users hands with clean air. These hand dryers are the fastest on the market to dry hands with HEPA filtered air.

The second addition is the innovatize BioZone Scientific’s patented UV system, that offers air treatment and odour control technology providing chemical-free solutions to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould, slime, biofilm and odours in the air and on surfaces in restrooms and washrooms.

Chris Lowery, MD, NWR Hygiene added “We are delighted to be working with two companies at the forefront of washroom technology. By working with Dyson, this allows us to provide our customers with the most innovative and well respected product hand dryer range in the market. Dyson raises the bar within any market they are associated with and to be associated with such a prestigious brand will raise our own profile to new levels. The Biozone range complements Dyson perfectly giving our customers the opportunity to have the most hygienic and bacteria-free washrooms possible”

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