Exploring the benefits of washroom vending machines

23rd April 2024·Hints & Tips

In today’s society, convenience is king. Whether in the cinemas or retail facilities, there is an increased demand for easily accessible necessities. This is where ‘washroom vending machines’ come in, a discreet yet necessary solution that meets people’s most basic requirements. 

NWR Hygiene Washroom Vending Machines

Washroom vending machines are dispensers that are mounted on a washroom wall that offer users a variety of useful products.

In this blog post, we will look at the advantages of washroom vending machines, products that can be stocked in them and which sectors they benefit from.

Products to stock in washroom vending machines

Washroom vending machines can stock several products that could be of huge benefit to your customers. These include:

Women’s sanitary products

Tampons and sanitary towels are essential in female restrooms. All commercial restrooms should provide standard hygiene service, and these products are an important part of that. Providing sanitary products in washroom vending machines allows for accessibility and convenience.

Nappies and baby-changing products

These products are high on the must-have list, especially in areas such as retail facilities and entertainment settings. If parents suddenly have to deal with an unexpected baby-changing crisis and the necessary provisions are not available, it will undoubtedly create a stressful experience for the baby, parents and fellow customers.

Hygiene and cosmetic products

Many people are unaware that they need a product until it’s in front of them. If you can supply products that make people feel better, cleaner, and more prepared for the day, you have a winning washroom. This includes products like deodorants, wet wipes, dry shampoo, and shaving kits.

Convenience products (plasters, tissues, combs etc.)

If you can provide easy access to products such as plasters and tissues in washrooms, you will boost employee/customer satisfaction by offering convenience whilst also generating profit for your business.

The benefits of washroom vending machines

Washroom vending machines can improve the restroom experience for your employees, customers and visitors. We’ve listed some of the advantages below:

Provide your customers with sanitary products for hygiene and comfort

Women who are menstruating must have access to sanitary items. Washroom vending machines can be equipped with pads and tampons to ensure easy accessibility. Whether customers forget to pack or have a sudden need to change, these machines offer a discreet solution that promotes hygiene and comfort for all users.

Offering emergency provisions 

Keeping babies clean and comfortable is critical to their health and well-being. Nappy vending machines serve to maintain hygienic standards by ensuring that parents have access to nappies when they are needed, especially in places where baby-changing facilities are scarce.

Enhance the overall employee/customer experience

Washrooms that allow customers to purchase things at their leisure without having to travel to a nearby store are beneficial to customers and employees. Customers and employees will be happy to purchase essentials on-site without having to leave the premises.

Different sectors that can use vending machines

All industries have employees, consumers, or residents, therefore washroom vending machines can be beneficial to businesses within all sectors. Whether your company is in the education, care home, entertainment, healthcare, or retail industries, washroom vending machines can improve customer, employee, and guest experiences by providing convenience, hygiene, and comfort, hence increasing overall satisfaction with your business.

At NWR Hygiene, we provide high-quality vending machine services for all washroom facilities, which can be loaded with a choice of products. Whether you are looking to stock sanitary items or nappies, we have a solution to suit the needs of your customers, visitors, or patients.

Each of our vending machines can be installed to fit the layout of your washroom, allowing you to provide a variety of products without compromising on space or aesthetics.

To learn more about the range of vending machines we have available,  visit our washroom services page or get in touch with a member of our team today.

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