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Keep your staff and visitors safe and healthy with our full-service hygiene solutions. Regardless of the size, sector or location of your organisation within the UK, we can advise on the best products for your premises and meet your unique needs in terms of cost, compliance and convenience.

Care Home Facility Hygiene Solutions

Care Home Hygiene Solutions

Remain up to national health and safety standards with our range of hygiene solutions tailored to provide unparalleled support to care homes or assisted living facilities. High hygiene standards within these spaces are vital for staff, visitors, and residents.

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Inside primary school classroom

Education Hygiene Solutions

Reduce staff sick days and keep students safe with the best hygiene solutions provided by our extensive range of washroom products, from regular hand wash refills to feminine hygiene facilities delivered at a time that causes minimal disruption to the day.

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Cinema entertainment facility

Entertainment Venue Hygiene Solutions

When first impressions count, make sure you make one that lasts with hygiene solutions provided by us. Welcome each customer to your cinema, casino, or social club with a logo-branded dust mat and hand hygiene facilities, to give visitors a lasting impression.

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Couple at reception desk in hotel facility

Hotel Hygiene Solutions

Whether you’re operating a bed and breakfast or a chain-brand hotel, providing your guests with the right hygiene facilities is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction and comfort. Our team provide the best hygiene solutions so that each guest can rest easy.

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Individual in a healthcare facility washing their hands

Healthcare Hygiene Solutions

With regular waste and sharps bin disposal, hand hygiene services, and sanitary disposal - we are dedicated to providing regulation-compliant and reliable hygiene services to your healthcare facility and keep your staff, visitors, and patients safe.

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Children on the floor in a nursery facility

Nursery Hygiene Solutions

Promoting hygiene in nurseries is vital for instilling positive lifelong habits. Our products such as high-quality soap dispensers, sanitisers, and hand dryers, help to develop these skills and prevent the spread of viruses, enhancing safety for everyone.

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Busy office facility

Office Hygiene Solutions

Germs spread quickly in communal office spaces, especially during flu season. This is why maintaining good hygiene practices is vital. We offer a variety of products, including hand sanitiser stations and air fresheners, to create a safe and pleasant space.

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Luxury restaurant facility

Restaurant and Café Hygiene Solutions

In food preparation establishments like restaurants and cafes, prioritising hygiene is paramount. We offer state-of-the-art hygiene solutions, such as washroom hygiene and floor protection, to ensure your premises are a clean and safe environment.

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Busy retail facility

Retail Facility Hygiene Solutions

From visiting customers to diligent shop staff, maintaining retail facility cleanliness is essential for everyone's well-being. Our diverse hygiene solutions cater to various retail settings, guaranteeing clean and safe washrooms and public areas.

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Inside modern gym facility

Sports Facility Hygiene Solution

Gyms, golf clubs, and leisure centres can become hotspots for germination due to heavy foot traffic, varying temperatures, and shared equipment. To stop germs from spreading through your facility, we offer top-notch hygiene products.

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