NWR Hygiene Group

Specialising in Commercial Washroom Services in the UK

A Refreshingly Different Solution for Your Commercial Washroom Needs

A Refreshing Change

Tired of high maintenance bills for your commercial washroom?

NWR Hygiene Group will save you £100’s on your annual costs.

Call us today on (01207) 505275 and start saving!

NWR Hygiene Group, the foremost provider of washroom services in the UK

NWR Hygiene group specialises in commercial washroom facility management, helping companies to provide their employees and customers the very best in hygienic washroom facilities.

Our services have been acclaimed as best in our industry and we strive to deliver the highest level of customer service in our sector. Our testimonials bear witness to the level of service we deliver to our clients and our mission is to become the company of choice for the provision of commercial washroom services and related hygiene issues.

NWR Hygiene appreciates the difficulties of running a business in the 21st Century and its expertise in commercial washroom facilitation means that this is one area that you can confidently ‘hand over’,  allowing you to get on with the day to day running of your business, with NWR manage the legal compliance and facilitation of your washroom and associated waste-management issues.

Although our head office is in the North East, NWR Hygiene Group delivers its services nationwide, drawing on its wealth of experience and supported by  by a team of  friendly, fully-qualified service technicians, whose standards of service are unrivaled.

NWR Hygiene Group is in a prime position to deliver whatever washroom requirements you may have, to the highest of standards.
All of our washroom services are carried out with consideration for the environment and in harmony with all legislation.

NWR Hygiene Group  offers total service management for our clients, including:

  • Product delivery and installation – absolutely free.
  • Total and painstaking product maintenance.
  • Service arrangements geared to your needs and timescales.
  • An emergency call out service, free of charge.
  • A fully-manned hotline, operating 24/7 365 days a year


Want to know more about how NWR Hygiene Group can help to ensure your private and communal washrooms look and smell perfect, backed by our total care package? With our vast range of products and services at prices that you will find amazing you can find out more by calling our great customer service team on 01207 505275 or send us an email to info@nwrhygienegroup.co.uk for an immediate response.

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