Hotel Hygiene Solutions

Whether guests are visiting your hotel for business or leisure, they must be provided with a suitable range of hygiene solutions during their stay.

With guests coming and going every day, it can be easy for dirt to build up in communal areas as well as in individual rooms.

Our hygiene solutions at NWR can ensure your hotel is fully equipped for all visitors to carry out their usual good hygiene practices, helping to make them feel at home.

Couple at reception desk in hotel facility
NWR Hygiene Fresca Air Care Range

Air Care Services

All guests should feel comfortable during their stay, therefore you must create a clean and inviting environment from the moment they step through the door.

Our range of luxury air fresheners and scent diffusers can help leave a great first impression, as fragrances can be customised based on the space to ensure every guest is greeted by a pleasant atmosphere upon their arrival.

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NWR scraper plus mat

Floor Protection

As guests bring belongings in and out of hotel buildings, this can result in dirt and dust being spread throughout the premises.

By using NWR’s range of dust control mats (which can be personalised with your hotel branding) you can reduce the spread of dirt and keep outside bacteria at bay.

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NWR Hygiene Nappy Bin

Washroom Services

To ensure the well-being of all guests, you must provide fully equipped washrooms.

From baby changing units and nappy disposal for families to vending machines and discreet sanitary bins, our range of washroom services can ensure that all your guests’ requirements are covered.

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