Sports Facility Hygiene Solutions

Sports facilities including gyms, golf clubs and leisure centres can often become breeding grounds for germs due to the high volume of visitors, the changing temperatures and regular visitor contact with equipment and machines.

From Newcastle to Birmingham, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of high-quality hygiene products to sports facilities across the UK. Our solutions include floor protection, urinal treatments and air freshening systems.

Inside modern gym facility
NWR scraper plus mat

Floor Protection Services

Sports facilities often have high footfall and this can cause dirt and dust to enter buildings on a daily basis.

To prevent trips and falls, NWR can provide slip-resistant Dust Control and Scraper Plus mats for your premises, keeping the sports facility entranceways clean and reducing safety risks.

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NWR Hygiene Essence Air Freshener

Automatic Air Freshener Products

Odours are known to build up in sports facilities if appropriate air care solutions aren’t in place.

In order to keep the environment fresh and inviting for visitors, we can provide air-freshening systems that don’t just eliminate odours but have antibacterial properties to tackle germs.

At NWR, we have a range of scent diffusers and automatic air fresheners that consistently dispense a fine mist in changing rooms, washrooms, and other communal spaces, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for facility users.

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NWR Hygiene Zest

Urinal Treatment Services

Washrooms are used at all times of the day and are particularly busy in sports facilities, so it is essential they are kept clean for visitors at all times.

Our range of Urinal Treatment products, including mats and screens, helps to prevent drain blockages and keep your washrooms smelling fresh throughout the day.

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NWR Hygiene pedal operated hand sanitiser

Hand Hygiene Solutions

Our pedal-operated sanitiser stations are the perfect solution for sports facilities, as they provide a hands-free hygiene solution for visitors on the go.

Positioning these sanitiser stations in key areas such as entranceways and next to gym machinery can help to prevent the build-up of germs and bacteria.

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