Retail Facility Hygiene Solutions

From families visiting a shopping centre to staff members working on a shop floor, retail facility cleanliness should be managed at all times for the well-being of workers and customers.

Our range of hygiene solutions is suitable for a variety of retail facilities to ensure washrooms and public spaces are safe and clean.

Busy retail facility
NWR Hygiene Breeze Air Care

Air Care Services

To enhance the shopping experience for customers and your workforce, we have a range of automatic air fresheners and scent diffusers in a variety of refreshing fragrances to uplift your retail environment.

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Male hands using automatic hand sanitiser dispensers for hand hygiene in an office.

Hand Hygiene Services

As visitors move from store to store, it’s important to provide the opportunity for them to stop and take care of their hand hygiene.

Whether this is foam soap in your washroom facilities or one of our pedal-operated sanitiser stations at the front of each shop, these hand hygiene solutions can help to improve the cleanliness of your retail space by preventing the spread of bacteria.

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NWR Hygiene Nappy Bin

Washroom Services

Washrooms in retail facilities must cater for all visitors and this includes providing the right hygiene solutions for families with small children.

At NWR, we have a range of washroom solutions including nappy disposal bins and baby changing units to ensure your visitors can dispose of waste and feel comfortable changing their baby in hygienic facilities.

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