The Law on waste disposal and your ‘Duty of Care’

The Environmental Protection Act 1990

NWR Hygiene Group provides a range of disposal services that comply with the environmental Protection Act 1990. This act places a legal ‘Duty of Care’ upon you and your organisation, to ensure that all waste produces on your premises is correctly managed right up to the point of final disposal.

NWR Hygiene Group provides all of the correct documentation to certify that your waste is being disposed correctly.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

These regulations are a legal requirement on employers to provide appropriate facilities for their employees at the workplace. These facilities include sanitary disposal, air freshening, soap dispensing, water management systems, drying facilities and paper systems. Regulation 21 of Approved Code of Practice, in the workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 advises that: “In the case of water closets used by women, suitable means should be provided for the disposal of sanitary dressings”. This regulation is further supported by the Water Industries Act 1991, which states that no items should be flushed that may cause blockage within a sewer or drain. The regulation on air freshening states that “Suitable means should be taken to prevent odours from lingering in and from entering other rooms.

The Air Care range that NWR Hygiene Group offers can help you meet these requirements. The regulations also state that you must provide your employees with soap and paper products and also a drying facility. NWR Hygiene Group has a wide range of products to fulfill these needs.

Water By-Law 83 states that every pipe that supplies water to a washing system or a urinal shall be fitted with either a flow shut off device controlled by a time switch and lockable shut off valve or some equally effective automatic device that empties the cistern or trough. By fitting a water management system, NWR Hygiene Group can save up to 80% off your water bill.