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24th July 2017·Hints & Tips

NWR Hygiene Group specialises in tattoo waste disposal, making the process of disposing of contaminated items easy for tattooists. With our services, your studio will maintain ultimate compliance with all current legislation and regulatory requirements and have peace of mind that waste is being disposed of safely and correctly.

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Our waste operatives are fully trained in the protocol and safe handling procedures that surround sharp disposal for a variety of sectors, including tattoo needles.

In the UK, tattoo needle disposal is fully regulated by strict legal guidelines as it falls under the faculty of ‘medical waste’ which requires specialist disposal units and handling to ensure it appeases guidelines. As a business owner, you’re legally obligated to follow these protocols as a matter of duty of care that extends to both staff and customers. Due to this legal mandate, it is crucial to monitor and ensure that your company’s waste disposal is handled by hygiene professionals.

Furthermore, these regulations apply whether you are a mobile tattooist or run a tattoo parlour, whatever the scale or style of your business, correct waste protocols are essential.

Do not put the health and safety of your staff and customers at risk by handling sharp disposal waste without professional guidance!

How is tattoo parlour waste defined?

Tattoo needles of any tube size, stick and poke needles, and sharps are classed as medically hazardous equipment once they have been used, as such they must only be disposed of in dedicated sharps receptacles, these can be distinguished through their bright yellow boxes and orange lids. The reason for this distinction is due to the fact that waste tattoo needles and sharps can cause serious injury and potentially spread diseases or infections through bodily fluid transmission if they are not disposed of correctly or handled with care.

Other tattoo-related waste, such as used gloves, towels, swab pads or wrapping for example, is normally classed as offensive hygiene waste due to its biohazardous nature and as such should only be disposed of in accordance with the latest, stringent care and safety measures. Improper disposal could lead to a variety of problems for your clients and staff, from skin infections to bacterial diseases, which can cause serious damage to the reputation of your business.

What can NWR Hygiene collect from tattoo parlours?

If you’re searching for a specialist in waste management for your tattoo store, then NWR Hygiene can provide the service you have been looking for.

We are a hygiene solution provider for a variety of clients, including tattoo studios such as North of Winter.

After our initial assessment, we will provide the correct advice and the right disposal units for your space. Our team will also liaise with you to establish a collection schedule that works with your company’s needs, this includes sharp box delivery and collection at a time and frequency that suits you.

We are fully compliant with the waste management regulations and can offer full collection services for a variety of items, including:

  • Tattoo needles and sharps
  • Ink caps and leftover ink
  • Leftover ointment and containers
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic protective coverings
  • Protective gloves
  • Used cotton swabs and wipes

Put your tattoo waste disposal in safe, certified hands and get in touch with the NWR Hygiene team today!

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