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Good Friday Raceday with Newcastle Elite Academy

The event that we’ve been looking forward to for months finally arrived last week on Good Friday when we headed over to Newcastle Racecourse for Newcastle Elite Academy’s Raceday in aid of their student tour to the USA! Our Managing Director, Chris Lowery, was in...

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Eco Hybrid Waste Management at NWR

These are exciting times at NWR Hygiene Group, as our new Eco Hybrid Waste Management truck is fully operational and out servicing across the UK! The Eco Hybrid is the latest step in NWR Hygiene Group’s attempts to become more eco-friendly and to reduce our carbon...

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NWR Hygiene Features in Cricket Club Magazine

NWR Hygiene Group is proud to announce that we are featured in this month's edition of Cricket Club Magazine, the premier platform for all the cricketing world's news, views and opinions in the UK. You may be wondering, why is NWR Hygiene Group, a hygiene provider,...

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Halloween Hygiene

Its officially Halloween! A time of tricks, treats, spooky occurrences and everything in between. Everyone at NWR Hygiene Group wishes you a safe and very fun October 31st.  But this doesn't mean you have to skip on essential hygiene! If you've been following NWR...

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Introducing the Men’s Hygiene Disposal Service

After re-reading our blog post last Friday, we realised that our thoughts on not flushing sanitary products down the toilet were incomplete! We covered feminine hygiene disposal and how you can prevent blockages by getting disposal bins installed. But what about male...

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Don’t Flush Sanitary Products Down the Loo!

"An estimated 1.5bn to 2bn sanitary items are flushed down Britain's toilets each year" It's sadly a common misconception that flushing sanitary products down the toilet is the best disposal method. In fact, as of 2017, Anglian Water's investigations concluded that an...

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Hand Dryer Deals Is Back!

What a week it's been! Football's coming home, the weather's been fantastic and Hand Dryer Deals is back! Hold on you say, I can get on board with the first two, but what's Hand Dryer Deals??? Well, it just so happens to be our official sister site, where you can buy...

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What Are VOC’s?

You may have heard the word VOC recently if you’ve been searching for an air freshener for your business. Looking for an explanation? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin… What does VOC stand for? VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. What exactly are...

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