Top tips for managing the feminine hygiene facilities in your washrooms

5th January 2023·Hints & Tips

Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHH) is essential to the well-being of women and adolescent girls. Having appropriate provisions in place ensures your facilities are hygienic, germ-free and fully accessible for all. Today we are sharing our top tips on how you can enhance the washroom experience of your staff and visitors. 

Womens washroom facilities

A dignified discrete experience

Naturally, you want to be able to offer your staff and visitors a pleasant experience when using your washrooms. To ensure this is achieved, safety must be at the top of your priority list.

Waste disposal facilities are of utmost importance to avoid the spread of infections, keep all washroom users safe, and fulfil the legal duty of care you have by correctly and safely managing waste on your premises.

Our slimline sanitary bins offer a discreet and hygienic way to dispose of sanitary waste. The sleek design of these bins means they can fit into the smallest of cubicles making them accessible for all.

Improper disposal of sanitary products is a significant health risk due to many viruses and bacteria being transmissible by touch. Our sanitary bins are foot pedal operated, offering hands-free waste disposal for improved hygiene and promoting a safe environment for all.

We also offer high-quality vending machines filled with familiar brands of feminine hygiene products to accommodate the needs of your washroom users.

We have a number of vending machines suitable for both ladies’ and gents’ washrooms, dispensing nappies, condoms, sanitary products and much more.

Prioritise personal hygiene

In tandem with safe waste disposal, personal hygiene facilities are essential to maintain safe hygienic washrooms.

Hand hygiene is an important control measure when prioritising personal hygiene. Used feminine hygiene products can prove a danger to human health, so sanitisation must be taken seriously. We have the solution for proper hand hygiene. Our thick and super-rich soap lathers promote maximum cleanliness leaving hands clean and moisturised.

Our luxury foam soap dispensers deliver the optimum amount of soap, thereby minimising waste and saving money. Practising good hand hygiene is an effective measure to avoid the transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses, as was evident during the Covid pandemic.

As well as hand washing, hand drying is an important part of ensuring optimal personal hygiene. Our hand dryers offer a fast and hygienic hand-drying option for anyone using your facilities. These high-quality units come with an array of features which include low energy use, touch-free infrared activation and reduced noise levels.

You can view our catalogue of hand dryers in our brochure.

Air care facilities install in womens washrooms to maintain hygiene levels

The smell of success

Washrooms that harbour unpleasant smells are often viewed negatively and can have an impact on the perception of your business. While safety must remain at the forefront of operations, air care in washrooms should never be overlooked.

You can take control of odours in your washroom through the installation of our air care products.

From our Premium Range, the NWR Hygiene Breeze Plus scent diffuser creates a fragrant atmosphere through a fine mist with maximum coverage and concentration to ensure your washrooms are a pleasant environment.

You could also enhance your interior environments with our sleek and compact NWR Hygiene Burst. This automatic air freshener is designed to provide facilities with regular small bursts of fragrance. Its flexible and easy-to-use programming options make it the ideal solution to diminish odours on your premises.

Inadequate facilities in public washrooms can cause problems for users. Our knowledgeable team can help you develop effective feminine hygiene facilities tailored to the size of your business.

Act now and get in touch to ensure your washrooms are safe and accessible. 

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