Investing in the future of NWR

6th February 2023·Company News

We believe in investing in our people and we are committed to further developing the skills and professional growth of the NWR team.

Employee training is the perfect opportunity to do this, and that is why we are training five members of our team to drive Class 1 and Class 2 heavy goods vehicles (HGV).

NWR Hygiene HGV on road delivering goods

Fleet expansion

We are expanding our fleet with the addition of HGVs to assist us with our waste management operations. This will extend our reach in supplying clinical and general waste removal services around the UK.

The proposed driver training will equip our staff with the necessary skills required to drive an HGV on the road as well as educate them on driving safely and legally.

The role our drivers fulfil is integral to our operations. They play a vital role in upholding our high standards of customer service, ensuring efficient collection and delivery of our comprehensive range of market-leading hygiene products.

Making our waste management services even more efficient!

We are committed to the regular, discreet and safe collection of waste for each NWR customer. By investing in upskilling our workforce, we will be able to further improve the efficiency of our waste management services.

Efficient transport is integral to our black bin general waste service, clinic waste and sharps bin exchange service.

NWR Hygiene sharps bin

Our black bin general waste service ensures the reliable, regular collection of all your business’s non-recyclable commercial waste. The scheduled pick-up includes no weight fees for fuss-free disposal.

We also offer clinical waste services including clinical waste bins and sharps exchange. Our outdoor bins are an ideal option to keep your premises fresh, removing all clinical waste from internal bins. Our sharps bin exchange is a hassle-free and hygienic service which allows you to dispose of sharp materials safely and correctly.

All of these services will be further enhanced with our investment in new vehicles and an increase in qualified drivers, offering businesses a fast and reliable waste management service all year round.

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