Enhanced fleet tracking at NWR Hygiene

22nd December 2022·Industry News

At NWR Hygiene Group we provide a range of fully serviced hygiene solutions for organisations across the UK. Safety is at the forefront of all of our services. Tracking vehicles is a great way to stay in control of our fleet and ensure their safety. 

NWR Hygiene branded fleet vehicle

We use CrystalBall, a cloud-based platform integrating vehicle tracking systems, 4G dash cams and lone worker protection apps to ensure the safety of our drivers and secure transportation of our state-of-the-art products.

Multi-award-winning live vehicle tracking

The management of fleet vehicles is crucial for delivering our market-leading hygiene solutions to your business, including hand hygiene services, clinical waste disposal and floor care hygiene to name a few.

Our comprehensive vehicle tracking system provides live, real-time footage with HD video recording quality and live vehicle locations. This helps us obtain essential vehicle operations data while delivering and servicing your washrooms.

Analysing driver behaviour

The SmartCam drive app provides driver identification walkaround digital vehicle checklists. This allows our team to measure key performance indicators such as acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and idling to help analyse workforce driving standards throughout the delivery and servicing of hygiene solutions to your business.

We educate our drivers with event-generated video from 4G fleet dash cameras to improve driver behaviour on the road. This allows us to protect our most valuable assets – our staff.

10-point checklist

Vehicle checklists are performed on all of our tracked vehicles by the driver to ensure a compliant and roadworthy fleet. Any vehicle defects are reported and dealt with immediately.

Our checklist ensures the vehicle is within DVSA compliance guidelines, checking safety management, vehicle maintenance and driver behaviour before the driver can drive away.

NWR dashcam fitted in fleet

Improving fleet safety

Operating safely is of utmost importance to our business. The installation of our dashcams increases the safety of our drivers and others on the roads – drivers that use dashcams have been proven to be 33% safer behind the wheel.

Through the installation of the CrystalBall tracking system, we are able to provide valuable insights into the vehicle and driver performance, helping to monitor and analyse our operations at every stage.

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