Winning the war on washroom facilities

15th December 2023·Company News

It’s a topic none of us really want to talk about. Still, if we’re honest, hygienic washroom facilities are something we all appreciate when we’re out and about. North East-based commercial hygiene and washroom provider NWR Hygiene is continuing its push, working with owners and managers of businesses and organisations to underline the importance of providing a high-standard washroom facility. 

Public washroom facilities showing 3 stalls

In the ongoing battle for impeccable washroom facilities, NWR Hygiene is emerging as an industry leader, having recently made significant inroads in Cumbria and West Yorkshire. The company’s commitment to service excellence has led to further expansion into key sectors, including education, hospitality and care homes.

Managing Director Chris Lowery successfully expanded his sales team earlier this year, welcoming Louise Cardwell to help expand the operation throughout the Lake District and Cumbria and focusing further on growth across the Yorkshire region, a move supported by existing account manager Rakhee Soni.

It was a gamble which has paid off. NWR Hygiene has recently welcomed the Yorkshire-based T&R Pub Group Ltd to its clients list, working with the group to ensure that convenient female hygiene solutions are provided at its premises across Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield. The hygiene specialists have had further wins across the Yorkshire region, onboarding residential care homes in Halifax and Bradford and a Primary School also based in Bradford.

Chris Lowery commented, “Having spent most of our time focusing on the North East, it’s time now to push the boundaries and expand our reach further afield. Getting the right people for the job was crucial to our plans. We needed people who understood the market and could build a network to reach our target market, whether geographical or sector-based”.

In addition to celebrating the successes gained in the Yorkshire region, the team have also added the Grade 1 listed Silverholme Manor located on the Graythwaite Estate in Ulverston to its impressive client list. The eco-friendly manor house and wedding venue is working with NWR to ensure that all guests have access to high-end washroom services that are befitting of its place in the market.

Continuing the push into the education sector, further education college and leading training provider in the South Lakes, Kendal College has joined the client list for the provision of hand dryers, clinical and medical waste, floor mats and general washroom services. With a commitment to the community, Louise has also worked with the Barrow-based Cavendish Street Social Club to upgrade their facilities to a high standard.

Chris said, “Whether we are working with a care home or college, we take the time to truly get to know the needs of that organisation or business. We get under the skin to understand the types of people who use the facilities, their needs, and how we can facilitate these needs safely and hygienically. Once we start chatting with a customer, we usually find we have the solution to their needs”.

With consumer behaviour and expectations changing constantly, is this having a knock-on effect? Chris said, “It certainly is. These days, users of washroom facilities expect a high standard of environment. It’s not enough anymore to provide the basics; people want working equipment, sanitised environments and odour-free facilities. With cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team, the battle for better washrooms is being won, one facility at a time.

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