Aerius: the ultimate commercial air care solution

22nd November 2023·Company News

Looking to revolutionise your commercial air care strategy and achieve a clean, fresh-smelling business environment? Look no further than Aerius. 

NWR Aerius Air Care Range.

Let’s face it, if you want to achieve impeccable hygiene standards at your business premises, traditional cleaning methods are simply not enough. In order to truly tackle the airborne microorganisms that give rise to unpleasant odours and spread infections, you need to bring in the big guns…or, in this case, you need to bring in Aerius; NWR Hygiene Group’s brand new commercial air care solution.

Introducing Aerius

So fresh, so clean! Our exciting new product, Aerius, is finally here, and it’s about to revolutionise your commercial air care strategy.

Highly efficient and incredibly effective, Aerius is designed to provide the essential air purification solution to your business, helping you to create and maintain safe, clean, hygienic environments that support the well-being of your staff and visitors and uphold a positive image for your business.

What makes Aerius the ideal solution for commercial air care?

In communal business environments, harmful microorganisms can circulate all too easily, harboured on the likes of work surfaces, door handles and tap levers. This circulating bacteria poses risks of cross-infection and often creates sour, troublesome odours that will repulse staff, clients and customers alike.

Unfortunately, simply cleaning the surfaces and fabrics at your business premises cannot eliminate these microorganisms, nor clear their resultant foul odours. Even after a thorough cleaning, harmful microorganisms can return and thrive.

Conversely, the state-of-the-art air purification technology built into Aerius serves to continuously break down unwanted bacteria and eradicate odours at their source on a 24/7 basis. The result? A clean and inviting premises that is free from harmful bacteria and smells impeccably fresh all of the time.

How does it work?

Aerius is a state-of-the-art air purification solution.

The technology powering Aerius works to tackle the root cause of bad odours and infections by destroying bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses present on exposed surfaces and in the air. Rather than air being passed through the unit in order to achieve purification, Aerius works by circulating fresh, clean air, thus eliminating the need for chemical-heavy masking agents.

The fan-driven device is crafted from aluminium and can easily be ceiling or wall-mounted for continuous operation. Alternatively, Aerius can also be utilised temporarily, and is supplied with a plug and feet for this purpose.

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