The importance of air care services in commercial buildings

19th December 2023·Hints & Tips

The importance of prioritising air care services in shared interior spaces has become a widely recognised factor of hygiene processes. Maintaining optimal air quality in your building can protect against the spread of diseases and enhance the general well-being and productivity of individuals in a variety of settings, including offices, care facilities, and educational institutions.

NWR’s Hygiene Breeze product in a commercial bathroom.

To maintain the effective operation of their organisation, business owners in particular must understand and prioritise clean air solutions within their buildings. Poor air quality is known to have several detrimental effects on employees within commercial buildings that have the potential to result in consequences for businesses.

In this blog post, we will discuss why air care services within commercial buildings are vital for businesses and how NWR Hygiene can help your company mitigate these negative effects.

Why are air care services important?

Employee productivity is a key concern for businesses across all sectors, and while millions of pounds are spent each year on training and the creation of productive workplaces, one simple factor to productivity appears to be consistently overlooked, and that is the quality of the air within commercial buildings.

Studies have shown that exposure to indoor air pollution correlates to a decrease in productivity across the workforce. Employees who are exposed to high levels of air pollution experience impaired cognitive function, increased levels of stress, and poor concentration. Exposure to high indoor air quality however has been shown to have the opposite effect, as well as improve employee performance and result in a 58% decrease in employee sick days and a 27% decrease in employee turnover.

Furthermore, poor air quality environments tend to be breeding grounds for bacteria and can increase the risk of illness, leading to an increase in employee absences. Many buildings with poor air quality also have a high rate of employees who suffer from Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

SBS refers to a condition in which people within a building experience negative health and wellness issues that don’t occur outside the workplace. Symptoms of SBS often include headaches, eye, nose and throat irritation, fatigue and dizziness, which tend to decrease or disappear completely when outside of the building’s environment.

Extended exposure to air pollution can also worsen pre-existing health conditions and raise the risk of several illnesses, such as lung function, cancer, and heart attacks.

Air care is particularly important in healthcare, care home and educational facilities as buildings within these sectors genuinely host a large volume of vulnerable individuals. As bacteria find it easier to spread in environments with poor air quality, installing appropriate air care items will assist in limiting the number of airborne diseases that spread throughout these facilities. This can lead to both increased employee productivity and positive customer experiences.

An open space office with a modern interior.

How NWR Hygiene can help

For all of the reasons stated above, it is critical that air quality is prioritised and that air pollution in your commercial building is kept to a minimum. At NWR Hygiene, we provide air care services for commercial buildings and provide a wide range of air care products, such as scent diffusers and air fresheners, that can assist you in achieving this by creating a pleasant atmosphere and improving the air quality within your commercial premises.

Our cutting-edge air care technology can help sanitise your commercial buildings and make them safer for both employees and visitors. Some of the products we can provide include:

NWR Hygiene Breeze

The NWR Hygiene Breeze scent diffuser provides a fragrant environment for small to medium-sized areas. The diffuser uses modern atomiser technology to produce a thin mist of fragrance, which is subsequently spread throughout the space.

The product is an ideal air care solution for hotels, casinos, gyms, retail spaces and hospitality venues, among many others.

NWR Hygiene Fresca

The NWR Hygiene Fresca is a stylish, eco-friendly, and hassle-free air freshening system that provides consistent and continuous levels of fragrance and odour control over the cartridge’s complete life cycle. It contributes to the creation of a constantly fresh environment that is apparent every time you enter a room.

Similar to the NWR Hygiene Breeze, this product is suitable for small-medium-sized spaces that host a large volume of people.


HVAC UV technology in the BioZone product has been scientifically proven to eradicate 99.999% of viruses in less than one second. According to numerous studies, it reduces microorganisms in the air by 70%, eliminates the human flu virus, and improves air quality by 100%.

This product is an excellent care solution for large spaces within all sectors. It can be utilised in a number of areas within the facilities, including changing rooms, waste disposal areas, corridors, smoking areas, and washrooms.

To learn more about our range of air care solutions, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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