The functional benefits of commercial entrance mats

25th January 2024·Hints & Tips

One often overlooked yet crucial element of maintaining a professional clean environment is the placement of commercial entrance mats. These mats offer functional benefits that extend further than aesthetic preference. This blog post discusses why investing in commercial entrance mats is a smart choice for businesses looking to enhance safety, hygiene and overall functionality. 

NWR-branded commercial entrance mats in the doorway to a commercial business.

Dirt control

Entrance mats are the first line of protection against any dirt, dust or debris entering your premises. Strategically placed at entry points, these mats effectively prevent any dirt from spreading through your establishment. This results in a cleaner indoor environment and reduces the need for frequent cleaning, saving your business time and resources.

Scraper plus mats are made up of monofilament fibres which work as touch scrapers, combined with high twist and heat set bicolour multi-filament yarn which is designed for dirt and moisture absorption for ultimate dirt and debris control.

Slip prevention

Safety is paramount in any business setting. Commercial entrance mats, with their slip-resistant properties, play a vital role in preventing accidents caused by wet or slippery floors. These mats provide secure footing, reducing the risk of slips and falls. This not only safeguards your employees and visitors but also helps in mitigating potential liabilities.

Improved hygiene levels

Maintaining a hygienic environment is a top priority for businesses, especially those in healthcare, residential care and hospitality. Commercial entrance mats serve as a defence against bacteria, germs and contaminants that can be trapped indoors on footwear. Regular cleaning and maintenance of these mats contribute to upholding a high standard of cleanliness in your environment.

Commercial entrance mats in the entranceway to a tattoo parlour.

Indoor air quality

The air quality in your commercial premises is directly influenced by the cleanliness of the building. Commercial entrance mats assist in maintaining better air quality by trapping dust and allergens and stopping them at the door. By preventing these pollutants from entering, these mats contribute to a healthier environment for both employees and visitors.


Many businesses are subject to specific cleanliness and health and safety regulations, particularly those that operate in the hospitality and healthcare sectors such as food venues, hospitals, care homes, and hotels. Entrance mats can aid in meeting these regulatory requirements by effectively trapping containments and reducing slip hazards.

For specific information on your sector explore the sectors we work in here.

Easy maintenance

Commercial entrance mats are designed for durability and easy maintenance. Constructed from high-quality materials including monofilament fibres, these mats are designed to withstand heavy footfall and regular cleaning without compromising their effectiveness.

At NWR Hygiene we offer a collection and replacement service for professional cleaning to ensure your entrance mat remains in optimal condition. This hassle-free service can be arranged at a time that suits your business and the schedule can be dependent on traffic in and out of your business.

Increasing brand image

First impressions really matter and the entrance of your commercial building may be the first impression for many of your guests and clients. Commercial entrance mats offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand identity.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect of branded mats, there are also other benefits, particularly for businesses in healthcare or care homes. For individuals with dementia, dark-coloured mats might be perceived as holes or drops, causing distress and confusion. To create a dementia-friendly environment, opting for light-coloured branded mats is recommended. This will ensure a supportive and calming atmosphere for individuals with cognitive conditions.

Customisable with logos and brand colours, these mats convey professionalism, setting the tone for any visitors that your business values cleanliness and wants to create a positive, welcoming environment.

Commercial entrance mats are not just floor covering, they contribute to the overall functionality of your business. From enhancing safety and compliance to improving cleanliness and your brand image, these mats offer a range of benefits. For more information on the range of mats available from NWR Hygiene get in touch today.

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