The benefits of hand sanitising stations in the workplace

21st April 2022·Industry News

As more and more businesses gradually return to normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to consider how we can implement safe practices and procedures to ensure the wellbeing of employees and customers alike. That’s where NWR’s hand sanitising stations come in.

The COVID-19 pandemic may now feel like a distant (although not-quite-distant-enough!) memory. However, regardless of whether the virus is currently an immediate threat to the regular day-to-day running of society or not, the pandemic certainly schooled us all in the importance of hygiene. It also gave us something of a wake up call in regards to just how quickly viruses can and will spread.

So, whether it’s Covid-19 or perhaps just the regular old flu that’s on your mind, it’s always worth putting procedures in place to ensure best hygiene practices in the workplace. By way of this, you enable both staff and customers alike to feel as comfortable as possible on the premises. So, let’s talk about hand sanitising, as this is one of the most effective measures you can implement as a business owner to prevent the spread of bacteria in the workplace.

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What is hand sanitiser?

Well, it might seem obvious, but it’s always a good idea to cover all bases, right?

Hand sanitisers are intended for use after washing hands with soap and water. They’re also ideal for those occasions wherein adequate soap and water aren’t available. Effectively, they’re gels containing alcohol, which works to destroy germs  present on the skin. The role of the alcohol is to quickly eliminate organisms and viruses. As alcohol can be particularly drying on the skin, our sanitiser here at NWR Hygiene Group is formulated to be moisturizing for the hands, thus counteracting the drying properties of the alcohol.

How do you use hand sanitiser correctly?

To utilise hand sanitisers viably, apply a small quantity on the palm of your hand. Rub the sanitiser over your whole hand, making sure not to forget your nailbeds. If the gel feels as though it has totally dissipated in less than 15 seconds, that’s your sign that you haven’t applied enough. Best to go in for a second application if so.

Hand sanitising stations offer ease of accessibility

Whether you opt for a hand sanitising station that is positioned on the walls or on a designated stand, sanitising stations are an excellent and highly convenient way for employees and customers to maintain good hygiene practices.

You can install them in bathrooms, workspaces, breakrooms, at entrance points, on the shop floor or in areas of high traffic. This way, employees won’t be tempted to skip out on frequent hand washing. The convenience of having several sanitising stations located around the workplace will certainly encourage regular washes, thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Hand sanitising stations require minimal contact

In traditional hand-washing settings, employees and/or customers are required to touch the faucet and perhaps the hand dryer, too. This extra contact increases the potential for germs to spread within the bathroom facilities and across the workplace as a whole. Hand sanitiser stations lower this risk by minimising contact and negating unnecessary touch.

There’s always the option to go one step further and install a no-touch hand sanitising station. These stations remove all risk of unnecessary touch through the use of technology such as pedals or perhaps even motion sensors, opposed to a button. These models open up the possibility of a simple sanitising solution in one convenient action. At NWR Hygiene Group, we offer an excellent model in the form of our pedal operated dispenser, which comes in both standard and premium stainless steel models.

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