Putting customer care first: how NWR prioritise your needs

22nd April 2022·Industry News

Here at NWR Hygiene Group we are committed to providing a smooth, cohesive service for all of our clients and customers, ensuring always that all basis are covered.

We’ll always take care of your needs from start to finish, and unsure that no stone is left unturned. In order to provide our prospective customers with peace of mind, we wanted to put together a quick rundown of all the ways that we work to ensure that your needs are met.

1/ DBS vetted customer-facing staff

Committed to protecting your staff and customers welfare? We are too! At NWR Hygiene Group, we understand the safety concerns of our clients and customers. We know how important it is to feel that your business is working in partnership with an organisation that places the welfare of their clients as paramount. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring that all of our customer-facing staff are DBS vetted. This way, you can rest assured that yourself, your staff and your customers are in only the safest of hands.

2/ Location based rapid response

The nature of our work and the services that we offer mean that oftentimes, our clients need our assistance fast.

Luckily, we have everything in place to allow for rapid response wherever necessary. All of our vehicles are tracked in order to enable this. So, you can rest assured that if you need our assistance ASAP, we can be there shortly.

3/ Free site surveys

As an organisation, you are obligated to ensure that certain bases are always covered when it comes to hygiene services and protocols. It can be difficult for business owners to know exactly where to begin when it comes to sourcing equipment and products and implementing procedures. Luckily, NWR Hygiene Group offer a no-risk, no-obligation and most importantly free site survey designed to help us identify your needs.

Our findings on the site survey will enable us to provide cohesive and accurate advice to you in regard to what we consider to be the best washroom maintenance package in line with the needs and budget of your business. Our survey will establish what sorts of hygiene services and equipment you require within your washrooms, with the final report clearly outlining how much money your business will be set to save should you follow our recommendations.

Our surveys are designed to help you ensure that your business is meeting all legal compliances and relevant health and safety requirements.

4/ Duty of Care certification

Here at NWR, we provide a wide range of disposal services in compliance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This act places a legal ‘Duty of Care’ upon you and your organisation. As a result of this, you are obligated to ensure that all waste produced on your business premises is managed in line with regulations, right up to the point of final disposal.

In order to enable you to ensure that your business is fully compliant and demonstrate this accordingly, NWR Hygiene Group will provide all of the necessary documents required for you to certify that your waste is being disposed of in line with regulations.

All of our products and services are designed to enable businesses, organisations and employers to ensure their full compliance with Health, Safety and Welfare regulations. So, you can rest assured that we are committed to helping you implement the appropriate facilities and procedures each and every time.

5/ Free product delivery & installation

Not only do we offer free, no-obligation surveys to all of our prospective clients, but we provide free installation for all products, too! This also includes all necessary electrical work. Pretty good, right?

Beyond this, we are also committed to working with all of our clients in order to put together a regular service plan. This plan is designed to ensure that all of your equipment is maintained and kept in tip-top working order, that all required refill schedules are maintained and that any important functions – e.g. sanitary bin scheduled servicing – is carried out to only the highest of standards and efficiency.

Our excellent service engineers are friendly and highly knowledgeable, so you can be confident that all work will be executed professionally and in line with our standards of excellence.

Everything we do here at NWR Hygiene Group is designed to make your life as a business owner easier. If you’re looking for reliable, quality hygiene services that you can trust, get in touch today.

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