Switching our vehicles to electric!

12th August 2022·Company News

Our old vehicles and their petroleum engines are a thing of the past now – so we’re tooting our own horn about our new electric vehicles!

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Here at NWR, we do a lot of driving to service our clients’ needs. Installing washroom appliances, replacing supplies, performing ongoing maintenance – the list goes on! We realised we travel so much, that we should be doing our part to save the environment with our work, rather than pollute it with petroleum engines.
Why Electric Vehicles?

We’re getting a headstart on the electric vehicle front; ever since the government announced the zero-emissions bid, which would ban the sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2030. While 2030 is still a long time away, there’s nothing wrong with starting now!

Running electric vehicles means we can be more responsible about our energy usage and choose more renewable sources for fuel – wind power, tidal power, and hydroelectricity to name a few. And with travel being a constant in our business, our fuel costs go down – meaning we can offer you better prices on our services!

Becoming More Environmentally Conscious

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Petroleum-based engines are renowned for their CO2 pollution, but not just from engine emissions. The pollution caused by the refining of petroleum is also a large factor, which is why electric vehicles are so much more environmentally responsible to drive.

Since driving is a major aspect of our work, we felt switching to electric was essential. We’ve all got our part to play in helping the environment, and this is just another step towards reducing our carbon footprint.

We love our fleet of vehicles, and being environmentally conscious is an important part of being a responsible business.

If your business requires hygiene services, feel free to check our brochure and we’ll come on over in one of our smart new electric vehicles.

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