5 reasons why NWR Hygiene Breeze is great for the care sector

2nd August 2022·Industry News

NWR Hygiene Breeze

There can be many reasons why someone is moved into a care home, but no matter the cause, it can be a stressful time. Depression impacts nearly 40% of care home residents, which can lead to other mental health issues further down the line.

Thankfully, research shows that aromatherapy can be a helpful tool in improving mental health, and could help care home residents adjust to their new environment. 

The NWR Hygiene Breeze could be the ideal solution to support residents in your care home, without creating an overpowering scent lingering throughout the building as other air diffusers do.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose NWR Hygiene Breeze for your air care:

1/Suitable for varied environments

The NWR Hygiene Breeze enhances environments with its scent diffuser, and despite its size, it creates a fragrant atmosphere that fills rooms without overpowering the senses. 

2/Multiple fragrance oils are available for the NWR Hygiene Breeze

Different scents can profoundly affect people’s mental health and ability to function. For example, aromatherapy has proven that certain fragrances can promote a calming atmosphere, or even trigger memories for an individual.

The NWR Hygiene Breeze comes with a number of unique fragrances that you can purchase, to utilise the positive results of aromatherapy across your care home. 

3/Scents are produced as a fine mist

Our scent diffuser employs advanced atomiser technology to create a fine mist of fragrance circulating around your room or building. These mechanics mean that you won’t get a large burst of scent in your face as you pass by and that the scent will diffuse discreetly throughout a room or building naturally, instead of being centralised around the device.

4/Virtually silent operation of the NWR Hygiene Breeze

When powered, some scent diffusers can create a small hum when working, or a loud noise when emitting fragrance. Thankfully, the NWR Hygiene Breeze is virtually silent, so you won’t get any loud bursts of fragrance disturbing your residents.

5/Mental health benefits

Calming scents can prove to be a boon to mental health for care residents. Lavender can provide a serene atmosphere, as do pine scents or woodland scents. While aromatherapy isn’t a cure for illness, it has been proven to improve anxiety and sleep, as well as have a positive impact on mental health.

You may also find the NWR Hygiene Breeze Plus a useful item for your care home, as this is an ideal HVAC air care solution for larger buildings. If you’d prefer scent diffusion across your building, the Breeze Plus can have your favourite fragrances dancing in the air across multiple spaces in your care home.

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