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3rd July 2024·Hints & Tips

Promoting effective hand hygiene practices is critical for businesses in all industries to create a safe and healthy environment for both employees and customers. In order to do this, business owners must invest in comprehensive hand hygiene solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of their company.

A sink with a  hand dryer and soap dispenser in a commercial washroom.

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of good hand hygiene, as well as various hand hygiene solutions that are appropriate for commercial environments.

Importance of good hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is incredibly important in any workplace setting. Microbes tend to spread from hands and cause a variety of illnesses, including the flu, food poisoning, and even serious superbugs like MRSA.

The risks of this spread are increased in commercial environments because of the large volumes of people who use the washroom and kitchen facilities regularly. People are more likely to spread germs and bacteria in these areas, which are then carried to other rooms throughout the building. These germs and bacteria will then attach to surfaces and fester in areas that have not been thoroughly cleaned, infecting people throughout the building.

This can be especially harmful in certain environments, such as schools and care homes, as some types of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections can result in serious complications for young children, the elderly, or those with weakened immune systems.

Promoting good hand hygiene in your commercial facility is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent and control the spread of illness. Promoting these practices throughout your facility by providing accessible solutions will reduce the risk of infections from person to person.

Encouraging everyone to wash their hands frequently throughout the day reduces the transmission of bacteria and promotes good health for all, lowering the risk of illnesses spreading throughout your premises, helping to keep employees and building occupants healthy and reducing the likelihood of serious illness and absenteeism.
Different hand hygiene solutions

As the owner of a commercial property, you have a responsibility to protect your building’s occupants and customers by providing hand hygiene solutions that meet health and safety standards.

You must have equipment suitable for washing and drying hands installed in your washrooms and communal spaces. These include:

Soap dispensers

Man washing hands with soap and water in a commercial washroom.

Viruses and bacteria are widely known to be easily transmitted through direct contact between people and indirectly through surfaces such as door handles. This is especially evident in office and commercial settings, where people frequently bring in viruses and illnesses they picked up. However, the simple act of handwashing can help to prevent a large number of illnesses from spreading.

Most infections can be avoided with proper hand hygiene, so installing a variety of effective, soap dispensers that differ from the traditional soap water and sink method will encourage more people to wash their hands after using the washroom.

At NWR, we provide luxury foam soap dispensers that are an excellent addition to the washrooms in your building. Our dispensers can store a variety of high-quality moisturising and conditioning hand soaps, which can be refilled as needed.

The foam produced by the soap product inside the dispenser encourages more people to wash their hands while also providing every visitor with added peace of mind that they are safe, clean, and germ-free, whether they are visiting a hospital with vulnerable patients or a gym where the spread of bacteria is a concern.

Each product dispenses the perfect amount of soap, minimising waste and saving on costs whilst keeping employees and visitors safe.

Hand sanitiser stations

Together with regular hand washing, the installation of office hand sanitiser stations is key to improving workplace hygiene.

They are designed to be highly visible and easily accessible, serving as a constant reminder to individuals on your premises to sanitise their hands and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses throughout your commercial premises.

There are two types of hand sanitising stations: stand-mounted and wall-mounted. Whichever you choose, these stations should be installed and accessible from multiple locations throughout your commercial building for maximum effectiveness, such as main entrances and exits, staff rooms and communal areas, meeting rooms and employee desks.

We offer stand-mounted, hands-free pedal-operated hand sanitizer stations that dispense 70% alcohol cleanser liquid. The hands-free feature reduces the possibility of cross-contamination because users do not have to touch the surfaces. These stations are ideal for communal areas throughout offices and are free-standing, making them simple to place and reposition.

If you require more discreet hand hygiene products, our mounted hand sanitiser station may be the solution for you. These stations are easily installed on the walls of your commercial building and take up minimal space. They are ideal for restaurants and small offices because they free up floor room while also providing a neat hygiene solution.

We can also provide monthly gel cartridge refills to ensure your station is never out of use and employees and visitors maintain good hand hygiene.

Learn more about our hand sanitiser solutions here.

Hand dryers

Commercial hand dryer

Many people are unaware that germs are more easily transferred from wet hands. For this reason, investing in high-quality hand-drying solutions is an important part of hand hygiene that should not be neglected.

Commercial hand dryers help to kill any remaining germs and bacteria after hand washing. They are a convenient and hygienic solution for drying hands in high-traffic areas such as commercial restrooms, promoting cleanliness with their hands-free features and reducing the use of paper towels, which benefits the environment.

Installing these hands-free hand dryers in your commercial washroom will help maintain good hygiene within your commercial premises by reducing the risk of bacteria spreading through contact with contaminated services.

At NWR Hygiene, we provide hands-free automatic dryers to our clients, including the Air Lite and Dyson Airblade hand-drying systems, which can provide suitable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly hand-drying solutions for your premises.

Learn more about our Air Lite and Dyson Airblade range here.

How NWR Hygiene can help

We provide reliable, durable hand hygiene products suitable for commercial washrooms and communal areas.

Our range of solutions helps to promote good hygiene practices in commercial settings, ideal for busy office environments, education establishments, and healthcare premises.

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