The environmental and hygienic importance of a commercial nappy disposal bin

11th July 2024·Hints & Tips

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses prioritise every detail that contributes to a positive customer experience. One often overlooked aspect is hygiene within changing facilities, particularly for parents with young children.

NWR Hygiene's Commercial Nappy Disposal Bin

A key addition to changing facilities, a commercial nappy disposal bin can contribute to a more pleasant and sanitary environment for both parents and staff, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and brand perception.

In this blog post, we will be exploring the significant benefits, both environmental and hygienic, that come with the installation of nappy disposal bins across a range of sectors and business types.

What types of businesses can benefit from commercial nappy disposal bins?

  • Education and childcare: Nurseries, playgroups, childcare centres, and schools can ensure a clean and sanitary environment for young children.
  • Family-friendly businesses: Shopping centres, restaurants with family seating areas, and leisure centres can improve customer experience by providing a convenient and hygienic solution for parents.
  • Airports and hotels: Enhance the experience for travelling families with young children in airports (especially family washrooms) and hotels (particularly family-friendly hotels).
  • Businesses with baby changing facilities: Any business that offers baby changing facilities can benefit from nappy disposal bins to promote hygiene and eliminate unpleasant odours.

Following the letter of the law: The regulations behind nappy disposal

One might assume that nappies can be treated like any other waste produced on business premises and simply thrown in the bin. But this is far from the case, as nappies cannot be disposed of alongside general waste in public places such as offices, leisure facilities and nurseries.

Instead, under The Environmental Protection Act first introduced in 1990, responsibility or ‘duty of care’ for the used disposable nappies falls to the business upon whose premises the waste was created.

Therefore, businesses that opt to install nappy disposal bins are not only creating a more welcoming and hygienic environment but are also ensuring full compliance with the regulations that have been set out for them.

Protecting the planet: the environmental benefit of commercial nappy disposal bins

As sustainability continues to become an increasingly prevalent area of focus and growth for businesses the world over, we can all do our part to be part of the solution and drive meaningful change. By implementing commercial nappy disposal bins into your operations, your business can help drive this change and effectively reduce its environmental impact.

For example, this solution ensures that nappies are disposed of properly and managed by waste services specialised in handling this type of waste, significantly reducing the amount that ends up in landfills.

In addition to this, using a commercial nappy disposal bin can help reduce pollution. Proper disposal of nappies reduces the risk of harmful chemicals and pathogens leaching into the soil and waterways, which can occur if nappies are not disposed of correctly.

Businesses that demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability by using these disposal bins can enhance their reputation and appeal to eco-conscious customers.

Keeping the workplace clean: The hygienic benefits for businesses

Further to their environmental benefits, commercial nappy disposal bins offer a wide range of hygienic benefits for businesses. First and foremost, the solution guarantees odour elimination, making your business’ changing facilities a more pleasant environment in which to be.

Sign for baby changing facilities in airport.

At NWR, our commercial nappy disposal bins boast a plentiful 60-litre capacity, meaning you won’t need to spend time emptying them as frequently as some other solutions. They also feature a large pedal, thus minimising contact with surfaces which are, in turn, easy to keep clean.

The combination of these advanced features means that a commercial nappy disposal bin from NWR is an all-in-one solution that will ensure your washrooms or changing facilities remain clean, tidy, and odour-free.

How NWR Hygiene can help

We provide effective hygiene solutions across a vast range of sectors. So, whether you’re working in education, hospitality, retail, or something else entirely, the implementation of an NWR commercial nappy disposal bin into your business will greatly benefit your customer experience and deliver a marked increase in the hygiene of your changing facilities and washrooms.

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