The crucial role of urinal products in public washrooms

27th June 2024·Hints & Tips

Public washrooms are a critical component of many facilities, from office buildings and shopping centres to sports facilities and entertainment venues. The cleanliness and maintenance of these spaces significantly impact user experience, perception of the facility and overall hygiene standards. 

Public washroom urinals

A key aspect of maintaining public washrooms is ensuring urinals remain clean, sanitised and odour-free. This is where specialised urinal products play an essential role, offering advanced solutions that not only ensure urinals remain hygienic but also enhance the overall washroom environment.

The importance of hygienic urinals

Hygienic urinals are vital for several reasons:

1. Health and safety

Public washrooms are high-traffic areas, making them hotspots for bacteria and germs. Clean urinals help prevent the spread of infections and diseases.

2. User experience

A clean, odour-free washroom improves user satisfaction. Bad odours and visible dirt can deter people from using facilities, leading to discomfort and negative perceptions.

3. Maintenance efficiency

The use of urinal products reduces the build-up of scale and blockages, making maintenance easier and more cost-effective in the long run.

4. Environmental impact

Effective urinal products can reduce water and chemical usage, supporting your business’s sustainability initiatives.

Our urinal product recommendations

NWR Hygiene Urinal Products Zest.

In the realm of commercial hygiene, several urinal products stand out. These products offer advanced solutions for maintaining urinal cleanliness, preventing blockages and ensuring a pleasant washroom experience. Here are three such products that set a benchmark in public washroom hygiene.

NWR Hygiene Zest Screens

Zest is a cutting-edge urinal screen that offers triple-action benefits, combining fragrance and enzyme protection.

Key features of Zest:

  • 60-day powerful fragrance solutions for most urinal shapes and sizes
  • The deep bubble and bristle design prevents blockages and splashback
  • Available in a variety of fragrances

NWR Hygiene Zing 

This urinal mat is specifically designed to keep urinals free-flowing and smelling fresh.

Key features of Zing:

  • Traps debris and prevents it from clogging pipes
  • Odour control for up to 30 days
  • VOC-exempt and non-hazardous

NWR Hygiene Sense 

Sense takes urinal maintenance to the next level with its continuous programmable maintenance capabilities to ensure urinals remain clean, sanitised and odour-free.

Key features of Sense:

  • Programmable dispenser can be set to dispense between 8, 12, 16 and 24 hours
  • Refills in both chemical and biological formats to suit business preferences
  • Available in white and chrome

Sectors that can benefit from hygienic urinal products

The cleanliness and maintenance of urinals in public washrooms are critical across multiple sectors. Ensuring hygienic urinals not only promotes health and safety but also enhances user experience. Below are detailed insights into how different sectors benefit from maintaining hygienic urinals and the role of advanced urinal products in achieving these standards.

Office facilities

In corporate settings, the cleanliness of the washroom reflects the overall standard of the facilities. Employees and visitors expect a high level of hygiene and using advanced products like those mentioned above can help meet these expectations. Clean and well-maintained washrooms contribute to a positive working environment, enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity. A professional and hygienic washroom signals a commitment to employee well-being and company standards.

Shopping centres

High traffic in retail facilities necessitates frequent washroom use. Clean and odour-free urinals contribute to a pleasant shopping experience, encouraging longer stays and repeat visits. Urinal products help maintain the hygiene standards expected by shoppers, boosting the facility’s reputation and customer loyalty. Proper hygiene management can also minimise disruptions caused by maintenance issues, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Sports facilities

Gyms and leisure centres experience high foot traffic and frequent use of their facilities, clean and hygienic urinals are crucial for maintaining a positive experience for members and guests. Effective urinal products can handle the high usage rates typical of these venues, ensuring that the facilities remain clean and operational throughout the day.

Entertainment venues

Entertainment venues like cinemas, casinos and arenas attract many visitors. The state of the washrooms can significantly impact the overall experience, making hygienic urinals a top priority. Using products like Zest, Zing and Sense ensure that these venues maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene for all.

Education institutions

Schools and universities must ensure that their washrooms are clean and safe for students and staff. Consistent maintenance and odour control are essential in these settings to support the well-being of all. Clean washrooms can reduce the risk of illness, promoting better attendance and academic performance.

How NWR Hygiene Group can help

As a leading provider of commercial hygiene solutions, we offer these state-of-the-art urinal products to help businesses nationwide maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene in public washrooms.

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