NWR Hygiene and the future of sanitation vehicles

27th March 2023·Company News

NWR Hygiene are all geared up to welcome our newest truck to the fleet, especially when this one comes with a timely twist!

Having begun life as a Mitsubishi motor from Bell Truck and Van, from the lot to the loading dock, we knew this van would become a crucial part of our ever-growing fleet and we could not wait to set about redesigning it into a sanitation super-service on wheels.

NWR Hygiene truck parked in warehouse, side view

From the Warehouse

As soon as the van set wheel into our yard, we began collaborating with Terber Matec UK to design the next generation of sanitation service vehicles. We wanted this truck to reflect the future of the sanitation industry and be the first in our fleet to promote a stylish and functional approach to keeping Britain clean.  

Terber Matec offers effective, efficient eco-technology covering a multitude of applications for a range of sanitary needs, from bin lift systems that are built to last to specialist sorting systems for recycling and food waste. We knew our van could not be in better hands!

To the Workforce

We always want to invest in the most innovative products and services so our clients receive the highest standards in sanitation assistance. While we continue to invest in more industry developments, training, and resources, we know our customer response will grow and we will continue to keep you abreast of upcoming developments within the world of sanitation and our own strides to keep up with these changing times.

In the future, we hope to continue to collaborate with other front-runners in the sanitation industry and continue to grow with them, this upgrade to our fleet will be only the beginning of a continued effort to provide the most up-to-date service for our clients. 

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