Specialist Washroom Services

NWR Hygiene Group are one of the UK’s leading washroom services providers

Comprehensive Service Delivery

We stride to create an outstanding level of service at NWR Hygiene Group. We ensure that our customers receive the highest level of customer care from start to finish and provide total support throughout their contract period. Our comprehensive service includes: free product delivery; free fitting; comprehensive  product maintenance and bespoke service arrangements to provide our clients with unsurpassed levels of service.

Environmentally Conscious

We appreciate that environmental influence and sustainability is very significant in businesses, and many of our products and services are geared towards being environmentally friendly. For instance, NWR Hygiene Group offers ranges that save water and save energy, which have significant impact on the efficient and economic running of a commercial washroom. Many of our product mechanisms are specifically designed to be recycled or re-used wherever possible. Our environmental focus is a key part of our social responsibility ethos.

Outstanding Credentials

NWR Hygiene Group is recognised in the industry as one of the UK’s leading washroom services provider. We have also had feedback and accreditation for our products and services from many exterior bodies. The company is constantly striving for across-the-board improvements in both it’s quality and variety of innovative products and also the level of service it provides to its customers, reflected in our satisfaction ratings.

Consummate Professionals

NWR Hygiene Group knows how important it is to get things right first time, every time and drawing on our many years of experience our team provides a specialised and expert service to our growing customer base. We know that our staff and their great attitude make a huge difference to the way our customers perceive us, and our committed teams are qualified and well-skilled to ensure a professional service at all times. With our countrywide coverage and dedicated service depots throughout the UK we are able to provide a dependable, fast and approachable service to our clients. Our overarching priority is always exceeding customer expectations.

Top Quality Products

NWR Hygiene Group offer a vast range of washroom products appropriate for any size and any style of washroom, from soap dispensers to hand dryers, sanitary disposal bins to air fresheners. Our unique product ranges are ideal to maintain the highest degree of hygiene standards as well as being chic and contemporary, complementing any high end washroom for both commercial use and prestige public use.


In our fast-moving world, it is vital to embrace and adopt innovation; innovation in products and innovation in service. We are constantly investing in the development of new and ground-breaking products to help us deliver exceptional levels of service to our customers and aim to be at the cutting edge of washroom hygiene innovation. Our future-driven outlook also encompasses environmental and legislative concerns, ensuring that we are prepared to adopt new procedures and requirements as they arise.

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