Simple hand washing can reduce the need for antibiotics

24th March 2017·Hints & Tips

Concern about antibiotic reliance and the growth of antibiotic resistance in the population is on the rise. Professional health associations such as the World Health Organisation have highlighted this issue in the chronic misuse of antibiotics across healthcare sectors and from individuals.

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The purpose of antibiotics is to eliminate infection-causing germs within the body. However, this can be managed in a variety of alternative ways, from improved hand-washing techniques to reduce the risk of catching and transmitting germs to better management of washroom facilities in multi-generational areas such as healthcare and educational settings.

In this blog post, we will be examining how good hand-washing practices offer the measures needed to reduce the spread of infection, the importance of hygiene facilities across all sectors, and how these factors reduce antibiotic resistance.

What can individuals do to combat antibiotic resistance?

A common misconception surrounding antibiotic resistance is that an individual’s immune system body becomes resistant to specific drugs. However, this is not correct. In actuality, it is microbes continually adapting and mutating to combat the effects of treatment.

Due to this, few medicines can be prescribed to combat these germs, which is why hygiene habits must be addressed to limit the spread of germs through transmission.

Transmission from hands between individuals and objects and other people are two of the leading causes of illness transmission, as such, regular hand washing with soap and warm water is imperative for ensuring that germs on your hands are controlled.

Minimising the germs on your hands reduces your chances of becoming ill, which reduces your need and therefore resistance to antibiotics.
Remember that not all illnesses are the same and treatments may vary. If you’re suffering from or have symptoms of a viral infection such as a:

  • Common cold
  • Flu
  • Bronchitis or Laryngitis
  • Sore throat (except for those caused by strep throat)

DO NOT use antibiotics, contact your local GP instead.

What do commercial facilities need to do to combat antibiotic resistance?

Commercial facilities, including care homes, hospitality, and healthcare centres, have a significant role to play in combating antibiotic resistance. To effectively address this global health concern, these facilities must consider the following steps:

1. Implement better hygiene protocols

Commercial facilities must establish and enforce stringent hygiene protocols for their staff as a way to lower infection transmission and the likelihood of illness within their facilities.This includes maintaining well-equipped hand washing facilities, placing sanitisation stations where applicable, and using appropriate disinfectants to minimise the spread of bacteria that may be antibiotic-resistant.

2. Responsible antibiotic treatment

In care homes and healthcare sectors, the use of antibiotics is extensive. When prescribing or administering antibiotics, ensure that the correct dosage is used and that patients are aware of the resistance likelihood if the treatment is mismanaged.

3. Manage facility hygiene requirements

Maintaining your commercial property is essential for keeping hygiene levels high and the risk of germ transmission at a minimum. This includes correct waste management such as general waste and sharp bins, feminine hygiene, and optimal air care treatments to ensure that your space is clean and sanitary for guests, customers, and staff to minimise the risk of airborne bacteria.

By taking these steps, commercial facilities can become proactive participants in the global effort to combat antibiotic resistance, ultimately contributing to a healthier and safer future for all.

How NWR Hygiene can help your facility meet hygiene standards

Creating a well-maintained facility is a key factor in reducing the spread of disease and reducing the need for antibiotics across all sectors. As a team of commercial hygiene specialists, we are dedicated to supporting businesses of any size to control their facility’s hygiene levels.

We can provide services such as air care, waste management, hand hygiene solutions, and so much more to ensure your premises are safe, compliant, and germ combative.

Do your part in the global campaign against antibiotic resistance and have your washroom professionally maintained by us!

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