Water Services

NWR Hygiene provide five star water saving devices to help diminish your water bill, as well as products to help you sustain clean WCs and urinals, and keep the scent of your washrooms fresh and clean.

NWR Hygiene can install Sensaflush Flush Control – an adaptable water saving device for WCs that can save up to 3 litres of water per WC flush without compromising hygiene.

NWR Hygiene can supply a water management system that uses inventive, patented technology to save up to 96% of water used up in urinals.

NWR Hygiene provide a urinal sleeve that utilises the most up and coming in fragrance and bio-block technology to decrease the difficulties of urinal smells and blockages.

NWR Hygiene Taps are retro-fitted to turn current taps into more effectual push taps, saving up to 80% of water and reducing misused or wasted water.

NWR Hygiene have an instinctive dosing sanitising component for urinal and WCs that aromatises and kills bacteria, helping keep your washrooms sanitary and hygienic

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