Hand Dryers

Bacteria thrive on wet hands and if your hands aren’t dried thoroughly after washing, you will be transferring germs and bacteria from the washroom to everything else you touch! Keyboards, phones, desktops – anywhere and anything that you touch can be contaminated. Good washroom practices combined with good quality hand dryers can alleviate these problems, improving hygiene standards that can reduce employee absenteeism through sickness and consequently lead to improvements in overall productivity.

Economical, safe and hygienic that are a chosen preference to papertowels or roller towel cabinets.

Hand dryers prove very popular due to the economies and reduced maintenance requirements over conventional alternatives. Manufacturers claim that hand dryers can cut costs by as much as 90%, when compared to paper towels as well as reduced waste removal expenses.

The choice of hand dryers is huge, but we have narrowed our range of rental equipment, selecting the ‘best of’ in the categories to ensure that your needs -and your budget- are satisfactorily met.
Hand dryers fall into two main categories- Hands-in Dryers and Hands-under Dryers.

Nwr Hygiene Group offers a range of hand-dryers that performs well under all conditions; from our Gold range that offers fast-drying and additional features such as  hepa filters for ultimate hygiene in areas of large footfall (or where only the best is good enough!)  to our Silver range that offers high-quality, value-for-money hand dryers, more suitable for low to medium footfall areas.

Each installation is preceded by an in-depth assessment of your specific hand drying needs by one of our specially trained site assessors, whose role is to recommend the best system to match your requirements – and save you money on your annual washroom running costs.

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