Sensaflush is a fully programmable wireless water management system designed to drastically reduce your water consumption by up to 90% by eradicating unnecessary and costly water wastage.

The programmable and highly versatile Sensaflush system differentiates between “active” and “idle” periods in the washroom and only flushes when motion is detected and when a flush is needed.

If detection does not occur within a 12 hour period, Sensaflush automatically provides a sanitizing flush, meaning further water can be saved.

Product Features

  • Can save up to 90% of your usual water usage.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Very cost effective.
  • Can detect movement from up to 15 metres away.

 Product Specification

  • Dimensions: 120mm(h) x 60mm(w) x 42mm(d).
  • Net weight: 0.88kg


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