The BioZone destroys bacteria, airborne viruses, chemicals and mould, making unpleasant smelling washrooms a thing of the past.

The BioZone is the most advanced restroom/washroom purification system on the market and cleans your washroom’s air and surfaces with ease while simultaneously destroying odor, bacteria, viruses, mold, fumes and other impurities in the air and on surfaces. Bio-Zone excels in high traffic areas

Product Features

  • Removes odours by destroying the root cause – bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and mold.
  • Helps prevent cross-infection.
  • Save time, labour and money – no chemicals or fragrances to add.
  • Continuously purifies the air and all exposed surfaces 2000 times faster than ozone and 180 times faster than UV alone.
  • The system only requires minimal maintenance, is easily installed by our expert engineers and is inexpensive to run at around 2p per day.
  • Low energy usage.
  • Completely automated and chemical free.
  • Unlike fragrance dispensers, no batteries or refills are used.
  • Vandalism resistant.

Product Specifications

  • Length: 16.2”
  • Width: 5.2”
  • Height: 3.65”
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs



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