Veltia V7 Hand Dryer



With over 300 jets of air strategically placed to remove the water from both sides of your hands without the need for continuous hand movement, the Veltia V7 hand dryer uses patented technology to eliminate water from your hands ending up on the floor surface.

The Veltia V7 is incorporated with Microban technology. Built into the dryer at the point of manufacture,  Microban technology gives an added level of defence against the growth and transference of harmful bacteria.

The Veltia V7 is also incorporated with ZeroSmell technology. Active when the Veltia dryer is in use, ZeroSmell not only neutralises bad odours within the surrounding area, but leaves a slight and pleasant fragrance which increases the user’s experience and perception.

Veltia V7 Hand Dryer Features

  • 12 second average drying time.
  • Vandal proof ABS polymer.
  • High speed hand drying.
  • Water collection.
  • Anti-Splash patented technology.
  • Low noise.
  • Massaging effect.
  • No heating element.
  • Incorporated with Microban antibacterial protection.



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