Scraper Plus Mat



The new Scraper Plus Mat from NWR Hygiene Group is the perfect solution for protecting your business from the outside elements!

Research has shown that most dust, dirt and moisture in our buildings are brought in by employees and visitors to your company! The Scraper Plus Mat provides the ultimate solution against floor contamination, minimising the hazard of slippery floors.

The Scraper Plus Mat is a textile mat tufted from successive rows of solution dyed polyamide fibres. These fibres work as the scraper to remove dirt from visitors shoes before they enter your building. The polyamide fibres are combined with high twist and heat set multifilament yarn which is designed for dirt and moisture absorption.

The mat is available in a functional dark grey colour.

Scraper Plus Mat Features

  • Absorbs up to 59% more water than standard matting solutions.
  • Captures 50% more soil than standard matting solutions.
  • Available in dark grey.
  • Very durable.
  • Collects dirt, dust and moisture.
  • Contains monofilament fibres which act as the mats scraper.
  • Contains multifilament yarn which absorbs moisture on the mat.



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