Micro Airoma Air Freshener



Keep your washroom smelling fresh throughout the day with the Micro Airoma Air Freshener from NWR Hygiene Group. The compact and sleek design of the Micro Airoma Air Freshener makes it suitable for use in a variety of locations. The patented I.P.E system included in the Micro Airoma enables programmable fragrance intensity, by allowing users to program up to 3 periods per day of enhanced fragrance delivery to suit location requirements. The air freshener also includes an easy to read countdown clock which indicates the time left until the next spray and confirms that the air freshener is working. Transform your washroom today with this fully programmable air freshener.

Micro Airoma Air Freshener Features

  • Fully programmable dispenser – Choice of number of refills per year; 6,8 or 12, choice of days of operation (5,6 or 7), start and end time.
  • Patented automatic reset – Automatically resets microchip back to 3,000 sprays which enables uninterrupted dispensing of the refill and removes the risk of human error between services.
  • Visible countdown clock showing time until next spray – confirms operation of unit and provides health and safety warning.
  • Patented I.P.E. provides flexible programming options.
  • Smart chip technology automatically calculates days in use and refill life.
  • Quick button allows quick set up for 30/45/60 days use, 24/7.
  • Lockable dispenser & lockable battery compartment for added security & to reduce risk of vandalism.
  • Ideal for areas such as washrooms, offices, toilet areas, nursing homes, hotels, reception areas, school classrooms or anywhere fragrance is required.
  • Choice of different fragrances available.

 Micro Airoma Air Freshener Specifications

  • Dimensions: 187mm (h) x 95mm (w) x 66mm (d).
  • Coverage: Effective in room sizes up to 200m³.
  • Capacity: 3000 metered sprays per refill.
  • CE approved.


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