Creating a community one washroom service at a time

24th August 2023·Company News

At NWR Hygiene, we believe in the old adage – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know! And for us, we have countless connections across a variety of sectors as we administer washroom services for a variety of clients.

While several members of our team, from sales managers to engineers, work across the UK to provide more of the same exceptional service, we always take time to remember the strong foundation on which our business was built, particularly within the community surrounding our HQ – the North East.

Recently, a company we have previously interacted with required our services for a washroom service job and, of course, we were delighted to provide our expertise.

Working with Bell Truck & Van

When Bell Truck & Van approached us to supply their washroom facilities with essentials, we were happy to oblige!

This North East-based establishment is the leading provider of new and used vehicles for commercial and personal use. They provide essential automotive care, including customer servicing, detailing, repairs, and part trading.

With a vital audit of the washroom administered, we provided them with the service they needed to ensure that their customers and staff had access to vital commodities within the washroom, such as air care technology and effective soap dispensers.

We have previously worked with Bell Truck & Van in an entirely different capacity, which is why we were thrilled to take on their washroom service job. While expanding our fleet, Bell Truck & Van supported our plans by outfitting us with a top-of-the-line Mitsubishi motor, which we then transformed into a key member of our waste truck unit.

For more on that journey, check out this blog post.

Improving our community connections

We have enjoyed plenty of community connection-building this year, from partnering up with Paua Tech to jump-start our switch to electric vehicles to our continued support of the Newcastle Elite Academy, we are dedicated to investing back into our communities in a productive way.

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