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Keeping Safe with NWR Hygiene Group

In this difficult time, NWR Hygiene Group has been searching for the products that will keep your employees and customers as safe as they can be in the current climate. Below are the key products we believe can do so.

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Covid 19 Lateral Flow Testing Collection

“Lateral flow tests are categorised as chemical waste under EWC 18 01 07 & 18 01 04. This means these tests can’t be mixed with your other waste.”

As more & more businesses are starting to use lateral flow tests, NWR Hygiene has endeavoured to provide a new service to safely collect & dispose of lateral flow waste, with all necessary precautions taken. Contact us today for full information and pricing.

Biozone Air Purifier

The Biozone destroys 99.999% of Covid-19 in less than 1 second!

Due to a recent test from our friends at Biozone Scientific, the Biozone has been found as the next line in defence against Covid 19, helping many to keep safer in the workplace!

Descriptive flyer for the pedal operated hand sanitiser dispenser
An image of the stainless steel pedal hand sanitiser information photo

Premium Pedal Hand Sanitiser 

“Entirely manufactured from the highest quality materials and reduces the risk of cross-contamination”

Sleek, modern and easy to use, the Premium Pedal Hand Sanitiser is the ideal product to help keep your customers and employees safe. This product can also be screwed to the floor to prevent theft.

“We’ve worked with NWR since we opened our facility and can’t recommend them enough. Our facility contains a large gym, spa area and a restaurant complete with functioning commercial kitchen. They took away all the guesswork and told us exactly what we needed and where. Their personal approach to dealing with customers means that whenever I need anything, they are right there to support me and in some cases, drop things off at very short notice! I’ve had plenty offers to go elsewhere and price offers from competitors to undercut, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else when I am so well looked after.”


Model Health

Pedal Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

“Reduce the chance of cross-contamination & provide reassurance to your staff”

This innovative product ensures that your customers and employees won’t have to touch the same dispenser, reducing cross-contamination immeasurably in high traffic areas. 

Descriptive flyer for the pedal operated hand sanitiser dispenser
Descriptive flyer for the Hand Sanitiser Station

Hand Sanitiser Station

“Remind your customers to sanitise their hands with the NWR Hygiene Group Sanitiser Station”

The NWR Hygiene Group Sanitiser Station includes an alcohol gel hand sanitiser dispenser, as well as a professional looking foamex board, to ensure your customers remain safe and are aware of where they can sanitise their hands.

“NWR Hygiene kitted out our new PPE manufacturing facility with everything needed to help prevent Covid-19 contamination. We had a very short timeframe to set up our facility and start producing, and wanted to ensure our staff are safe within the workplace; when contacting NWR, they were able to advise what we would need to get maximum hygiene protection for our staff and provided and installed everything within a very impressive turnaround. Thank you NWR for helping us to keep safe within the workplace and safely produce PPE!”

Surgical Dynamics

PPE Disposal Unit

“Offer an easy to use place to discard of used PPE at your workplace”

With people using protective equipment more than ever, workplaces need a discreet place to discard of used PPE equipment to prevent cross-contamination. The PPE Disposal Unit is the ideal product to help keep your customers and employees safe in your workplace.

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