A wheely good time – Alec Wray takes on The Scottish Six Days Trial for charity

28th April 2023·Company News

Alec Wray is one of our engineering team members and is also an avid bike enthusiast. From a young age, he excelled in pedal-bike trials, achieving numerous national championship awards and claiming a spot in the Guinness World Records for a staggering amount of Bunny-Hops (which he still holds to this day). Recently, Alec transitioned to motorbike riding and joined a trial team to participate in The Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT), trading his pedals for a motorbike pump.

red motorcycle next to the cliffs of Lochaber

What is the SSDT?

The SSDT is a challenging motorcycle trial that takes place across Scotland in a span of six days, from the 1st of May to the 6th of May. The course runs in a loop from Fort William in the Lochaber region of the sensational Scottish Highlands.

The environment for these events can be a tricky one to navigate as the terrain consists of steep gullies, slippery rocks, rapid streams and boulder-barricaded gorges. It is a test of skill and stamina as the riders race through the best – and worst – conditions the Highlands of Scotland has to throw at them!

Supporting the Charities

Under the guidance of team leader, Dave Hull – an Enduro enthusiast and bike-repairer – and second team member, Phil Baxter – a veteran SSDT rider and award-winning motorcyclist – NWR Hygiene’s Alec is riding with the purpose of raising money for two charities; the Newcastle Hospitals Charity and SIA (Spinal Injuries Associations).

The Newcastle Hospitals Charity is a trusted partner to hospitals across Newcastle and supports cutting-edge cancer research and the funding of innovative medical equipment and ward refurbishments.

SIA is a charity that strives to be the go-to place for everyone affected by spinal cord injuries, as it operates with a vast network of people, organisations and services to provide patients with the best care to support their recovery.

These charities have been selected by Alec and the team as the recipients of the funds raised by the motor trial.

At NWR, we are very proud of Alec for taking on this epic challenge. We will be providing Alec and his team with jackets for the event and will be sponsoring them throughout the trial, ensuring they feel supported and well cared for while they participate. We wish them the very best of luck and can’t wait to see them cut up the track!

Support the lads, find out more about their plans, and help these fantastic charities by donating here today!

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