Upgrade your washroom facilities in time for Christmas

24th November 2022·Hints & Tips

Here at NWR Hygiene Group, we know the importance of clean, high-spec and well-maintained washroom facilities. If you’re a business owner, you can be confident that your customers, clients and colleagues do, too. 

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That’s why this Christmas we’d advise you to upgrade your facilities, just in time for the festive celebrations! Trust us, it makes all the difference.

Create a lasting impression

Each and every one of us can attest to the lasting impression that a clean, comfortable washroom leaves. However, not all workplace toilet facilities are created equal, that’s for sure.

As a business, there are a number of requirements that you are obliged to meet when it comes to providing clean, safe and sufficient washroom facilities on your premises. Unfortunately, many employees and customers find that these requirements are only sometimes met. It’s therefore always important to ask yourself whether you could be doing a little more to facilitate positive washroom experiences in the workplace.

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If you think your workplace washrooms could do with a little TLC, now is the perfect time to address any concerns, before the Christmas party rolls around.

After all, when the drinks, canapes and conversation are flowing at a work event, it’s no fun to nip off and pay a visit, only to come back feeling a little icky… Unfortunately, if your washroom facilities aren’t quite up to scratch, this is the effect that a trip to the bathroom can have on your clients and colleagues.

Pristine, high-spec facilities, however…now that’s a different story entirely.

With well-maintained, premium facilities, your clients and employees will be able to make comfortable visits to the bathroom. This way, they’ll be better able to relax, let loose and enjoy the festive celebrations.

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Premium washroom services

Luckily for you, here at NWR Hygiene Group, we specialise in helping you to upgrade your washroom facilities, so that you can create a better overall environment for clients and employees alike.

Following on from your initial enquiry, we’ll head over to your premises to conduct a free site survey. By taking a careful look at your workplace, we’ll be able to create a solid picture of your unique needs as a business, and as such, we can advise on a wide range of products and services that would serve to improve your facilities.

We can take care of every aspect of your washrooms. From air care and feminine hygiene to water management systems and hand dryers, not only will we install the necessary products, but we’ll conduct ongoing maintenance as and when it is required.

We guarantee that your washroom facilities will look spick and span in no time.

To get your washrooms pristine in time for the festive season, simply get in touch with us today to arrange your free site survey. 

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