How to choose the right hand hygiene solution for your business

18th October 2023·Industry News

The importance of hand hygiene has taken precedents in the past few years due to the impact of the global pandemic, the fallout of which can still be felt today, and has emphasised the significance of keeping our hands clean and sanitised. 

Male hands using automatic hand sanitiser dispensers for hand hygiene in an office.

While this practice is crucial for everyone, it holds particular importance to businesses. Implementing good hygiene amenities ensures that business owners are conforming to governmental standards and providing a safe working environment for all. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the various hygiene options available for businesses, their advantages, and the importance of a good hand hygiene system.

The importance of hand hygiene in your business

Good hand hygiene is essential for minimising the risk of passing harmful bacteria through contact with others and oneself. The most commonly identified places for bacterial passage are:

  • from the hands, eyes, nose, and mouth to other people or surfaces
  • from hand to food
  • from food to hand contamination by handling raw meat or vegetable products

In these examples, the common denominator is the hands. Thorough hand washing is essential to reduce the number of bacteria present on the body which lowers the chance of transmission and the chance of catching illnesses from contaminated people and surfaces.

For a wider perspective on how hygiene can affect your business, we are using the example of a leisure centre, retail space, and healthcare facility to illustrate the importance of having good hygiene services.

Leisure facilities: Gyms, swimming pools, social clubs, and amusement parks, are high-traffic areas where people come to relax, have fun, and engage in socialising with others.

Due to these conditions, these environments can harbour a wide range of germs and bacteria through hand-to-surface transmission, through shared equipment and communal areas, such as changing rooms and restrooms.

By ensuring that patrons and staff have access to proper hand hygiene, leisure facilities can maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Educational settings: Educational institutions, particularly those designated for young students, face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining high hygiene standards. 

In an environment where children constantly interact with other students and staff, share supplies, and engage in hands-on activities, the risk of germs and illnesses spreading rapidly is very high.

Proper hand hygiene in the education sector is paramount. It safeguards the health of students and educators but also contributes to a conducive learning environment as regular hand washing instils lifelong hygiene practices.

Healthcare centres: Hand hygiene is paramount in healthcare settings, where the transmission of infections can have severe consequences, medically and legally. 

Healthcare professionals must adhere to strict hygiene protocols to safeguard both patients and themselves from transmitting harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

For businesses like these and many more, hand hygiene becomes more than a corporate responsibility and crosses over into legal accountability as a government-mandated workplace: health, safety and welfare regulations indicate that businesses must provide their employees with suitable hygiene facilities, including hand hygiene facilities, to meet these legal requirements.

Male washing his hands with soap foam

Hand hygiene options for businesses

Hand hygiene products in your business must be carefully considered and selected to ensure you’re receiving the best solutions for your business size, your customer and staff’s requirements, and facility layout.

Three of the main candidates for businesses are pedal-operated hand sanitisers, free-standing or wall-mounted hand sanitising stations, and classic industry standard soap and their dispensers. 

Here is an individualised look at the advantages they can provide to your business:

Hand hygiene products and their advantages

Pedal-Operated Hand Sanitizers Hand Sanitizing Stations Industry Standard Soap and Dispensers
Touchless operation reduces cross-contamination  Promotes hand hygiene awareness and reminders Proven efficiency against a wide range of pathogens 
Suitable for high-traffic areas Can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas Suitable for frequent use without skin irritation
Easy to install and refill Encourages consistent use by employees and visitors  Widely available and cost-effective

NWR Hygiene can provide your business with a tailored hygiene solution

Proper hand hygiene is not just a personal practice; it’s a critical aspect of business operations, affecting the health and safety of employees and customers alike. 

Businesses have various options at their disposal to ensure hygiene compliance, but the key is to select the most appropriate solution for your specific business, that’s where the NWR Hygiene team can help!

We can provide a tailored service that ensures every corner of your business has good hand hygiene facilities and maintains regular upkeep and refills of these products and services, so your premises are always compliant.

To start prioritising hygiene in your business, contact the NWR Hygiene team today to discuss your requirements.

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