Eco Hybrid Waste Management at NWR

20th February 2019·Hints & Tips

These are exciting times at NWR Hygiene Group, as our new Eco Hybrid Waste Management truck is fully operational and providing service across the UK! The Eco Hybrid is the latest step in NWR Hygiene Group’s attempts to become more eco-friendly and reduce our carbon footprint.

But I know what you’re thinking! What’s so good about Eco-Hybrid and how does it actually reduce your carbon footprint? Well, let me explain….

Eco Hybrid Technology

Vehicle manufacturers all over the world have been working for decades to design vehicles that manage to reduce CO2 emissions & to improve fuel usage. This technology is just now starting to catch on in the truck market. Eco Hybrid means that our truck uses a mixture of diesel and electric power. When our driver sets off in the morning the truck sets off in electric mode. After start up, the specialist technology decides how much power should be supplied between both power sources (diesel & electric). Because of this dual use of electric power and diesel, fuel savings are fantastic (an estimated 25% drop in fuel usage) and this goes the same for CO2 emissions created.

However, this is not the only way this Eco-Hybrid truck manages to save fuel and emissions! Energy is automatically transferred to the electric motor when braking. This helps the vehicle save on fuel as the electric energy stored while braking helps power the truck’s combustion engine, which make it easier for the truck to start up again and accelerate. The Eco-Hybrid also comes built in with a stop-start system that ensures even more fuel is saved.

The Future of Eco at NWR

This is not the only step we’re taking to increase our in-house sustainability. NWR Hygiene has also made sure that all current vehicles in the NWR servicing fleet are of the Euro Six diesel emissions standard. For those not in the know, the Euro Six emissions standard is the acceptable limit for all exhaust emissions created by vehicles sold in the EU area (but lets not talk to much about the EU at the moment!) A company’s fleet of vehicles has to have average emissions below 130g/km. This is helping to reduce the Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides & Hydrocarbons that we are creating on a daily basis. Read more about the Euro Six Emissions standard here.

NWR has also began to replace all company cars with fully electric alternatives in a bid to further reduce our general emissions. The first fully electric car has already been added to the fleet of company cars, with more to follow in the future.

The future is eco with NWR!

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