Beat the winter viruses with anti-bacterial hand sanitiser

14th November 2022·Hints & Tips

Cold, flu and sickness bug season is officially upon us, and cases of ill health are set to climb this winter due to lower than usual immunity. One solution we can offer? High-quality, anti-bacterial grade hand sanitiser, of course! 

Hand sanitiser from NWR

Experts have warned that cold, flu and COVID-19 cases could circulate with ease over the next few months. This is because natural immunity against the flu strain, along with common colds and other such infections, are relatively low due to the coronavirus restrictions that were in place towards the end of 2021, which served to keep many viruses relatively at bay across the winter months.

Unfortunately, this means that individuals who are older or who suffer from other health conditions are at increased risk this winter. This worrying reality is set to leave many concerned over the health of high-risk loved ones in the coming months, and perhaps in regard to their own health, too.

What steps can you take to mitigate the risk of infection?

Once the winter is upon us, it can feel like a case of every man (and woman!) for themselves. After all, no one wants to be sidelined by a virus. With everyone coughing and spluttering, however, the chances of getting off scot-free can feel pretty slim.

Now, it doesn’t help that – with everyone firmly back in the swing of working and socialising in this post-COVID world – our chances of coming down with a case of something nasty are a little higher than they may have been last year.

Of course, there are steps that you can take to lower your risk of infection this winter.

Winter flu

Make use of anti-bacterial grade sanitiser

Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser could be your greatest ally this winter. After all, depending on where you find yourself day-to-day, hand washing isn’t always an option.

Here at NWR Hygiene Group, we’re pleased to say that we stock quality, anti-bacterial Sanitex sanitisers. These sanitisers contain a powerful antibacterial agent and a nourishing moisturiser to keep dryness at bay. They are the ultimate instant hand gel for both public and personal use.

The effectiveness of this quality sanitiser makes it an ideal choice for on-the-go hand hygiene, providing the perfect solution when good old soap and water are out of reach.

When using hand sanitiser, it’s essential that you apply it properly in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Apply to your palms and rub all over the surfaces of both hands until your hands are dry. It’s also essential that you do not wipe your hands or wash them after applying.

Get up to date with your vaccinations

Ensuring you are fully up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters is paramount, and will go a long way towards protecting you from some of the most relentless infections circulating this winter.

If you’re eligible for the flu jab, it’s highly recommended that you arrange to receive your vaccination as soon as possible.

Hand sanitiser from NWR

Be mindful of your overall health

Additionally, ensuring you are keeping your overall health in good nick is essential.

Taking care of yourself with the aid of a healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise and plenty of sound sleep will go a long way towards strengthening your natural immunity. This way, you can shake off anything you may catch with relative ease.

Here at NWR Hygiene Group, we’re committed to helping you enable the best hygiene practices in your workplace. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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