A guide to implementing effective commercial water management solutions

15th March 2024·Industry News

Every business in every industry uses water on a day-to-day basis, however, not all businesses manage their usage efficiently.

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Water resources are becoming scarce, resulting in business owners across the country being urged to consider ways in which they can lower their consumption. This is especially important in commercial washrooms, which are particularly prone to water waste.

A way businesses can lower their water usage is by investing in high-quality water management solutions. These systems will help you identify where water is being wasted and what can be done to reduce consumption.

In this blog post, we will look further into water management systems, their benefits and why they are important in commercial washrooms.

What is a water management system?

A water management system is designed to efficiently manage water supply, distribution, and use in a specific area.

They consist of several components that work together to ensure that water is available when and where it is required, and that it is used efficiently and responsibly.

Efficient water management systems allow businesses to take responsibility and be in control of their water usage. In washrooms, they are used to manage water consumption in urinal bowls, toilets, and sinks.

Urinal water management systems use electronic sensors that can detect when a urinal has been used and activate a flush sequence. To reduce water waste, these systems can detect when urinals are being used more frequently during a busy period and flush accordingly (for example, one flush for every three users), saving businesses a significant amount of water.

Toilet water management systems help to reduce water waste whilst improving hygiene standards in commercial toilets. They incorporate direct flush technology which uses dynamic pressure to flush/rinse the toilet, removing the need for a cistern, which can be prone to leaks and parts failure.

Benefits of water management systems

Water management solutions can bring many benefits to your business. We have listed some of these below.


The financial benefits of implementing water management systems can be significant for businesses and establishments that receive a large number of visitors.

This is because water management systems help businesses effectively manage their resources. The less water you use, the less you have to pay, resulting in substantial savings on business water bills.

As these systems include advanced sensors and monitoring solutions that provide real-time insights into water usage, you can also potentially detect problems such as leaks or inefficient treatment processes early on, allowing for quick intervention and avoiding costly repairs.

Environmental impact

Every business has a responsibility to reduce its environmental impact, and washrooms are an area where significant improvements can be made.

Traditional flushing in washrooms, waste a lot of water with each flush, especially in high-traffic locations. Water management systems significantly reduce the need for flushing, as a result saving thousands of gallons of water per washroom each year. Through this, businesses help to alleviate water scarcity issues while also improving their sustainability credentials.

These systems also help to reduce the strain on wastewater treatment facilities, resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Improved washroom experience

Washroom hygiene and customer/employee perception directly correlate in commercial washrooms. Badly maintained washrooms full of bad odours or urinal acid can often deter customers and paint a negative image for your business.

As well as this, unsanitary environments can increase risks to health, safety and welfare in commercial spaces as they create the ideal conditions for bacteria to breed and spread.

Water management systems are an effective way of mitigating this. They automatically provide a sanitising flush, removing nasty odours, killing deadly bacteria and creating a safe and enjoyable washroom experience for customers and employees.

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Risks of not managing the systems

There are many risks to not investing in quality water management solutions. As previously mentioned, failing to maintain or install sufficient water systems in your washroom can lead to high water bills, a negative environmental impact, and unpleasant odours that can be off-putting to employees and customers.

However, these are not the only risks that come with not investing in these systems. Without a water management system, bacteria, uric acid, and calcification can all accumulate in urinals and toilets, causing persistent bad odours that deter customers and create a water supply full of infectious bacteria with the potential to endanger human health.

The UK also has water-related compliance and regulations in place to control water pollution, manage waste and treat wastewater. Businesses must stay up-to-date with these regulations and implement the appropriate measures, such as installing effective water management systems, to comply with environmental standards. Failure to do so may result in business penalties.

Which sectors will benefit from commercial water management systems?

Commercial sectors with high foot traffic could benefit from washroom water management solutions. These systems would benefit hotels, entertainment venues, sports venues, and retail facilities because they are frequently visited by the public.

Installing water management systems will help to ensure that the washrooms in your building are kept hygienic and odour-free, as well as contributing towards saving money on bills and improving their sustainability credentials.

Whether you need to update your water management system to make your washrooms more cost-effective or environmentally friendly, or you need a solution to combat odours, we can help.

At NWR Hygiene, our water management systems have been developed to provide the most effective control methods for washroom consumption.

Our systems provide businesses with the best balance of building hygiene and cost-effectiveness, thanks to an internal real-time clock that allows you to programme flush times based on your site’s requirements.

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