8 washroom services you need for your business

13th November 2023·Hints & Tips

Updating your business’s washroom services might not be the first thing that comes to mind when implementing business improvements. However, a well-maintained washroom is essential to improve customer and staff satisfaction and ensure your premises are sanitary and safe.

Washroom services soap dispensers above white sinks in a new public toilet.

Whether you run a bustling restaurant, a corporate office, a retail store, or any other commercial enterprise, the quality of your washroom facilities speaks volumes, from shaping customer satisfaction to ensuring employee safety.

In this blog post, we delve into essential washroom services that every business, big or small, should consider incorporating and the products we provide at NWR Hygiene to make it happen.

Air care services

Air care encompasses a variety of solutions such as maintaining fresh-smelling and ensuring high-quality air in various commercial spaces. This washroom service involves devices like air fresheners, air purifiers, and combination appliances, each designed to ensure optimal air quality and freshness in your workspace.

These solutions are versatile, catering to diverse locations like hotels, casinos, gyms, healthcare centres, and retail spaces.

Here are a few of our air care services:

NWR Hygiene Breeze and Breeze Plus

These scent diffusers utilise advanced atomiser technology to disperse fine fragrance mist, enhancing interior spaces with a variety of unique scents. The NWR Hygiene Breeze caters to smaller to medium-sized areas like receptions or office spaces, while the Breeze Plus offers a similar variety of scents with a higher intensity setting for larger spaces like kitchens or washrooms.

NWR Hygiene Burst

This is a compact and easily programmable air care product that releases small bursts of fragrance suitable for various commercial spaces, from offices to washrooms. Its discreet design allows for straightforward fitting in several locations.

NWR Hygiene Fresca

This eco-friendly air freshening system ensures consistent fragrance and odour control for businesses. Operating through a 60-day cartridge cycle, its easy replacement process is part of our ongoing washroom maintenance service.

NWR Hygiene Air Breeze plus product.

Hand hygiene services

Hany hygiene is an essential part of washroom services for any business. Not only is it vital for customer and employee satisfaction, but also for legal compliance and ensuring that the spread of germs is reduced throughout your workspace.

NWR Hygiene Group provides a diverse array of hand hygiene solutions to support these objectives. Our washroom services include soap dispensers, designed with both automatic and manual pumps, that ensure the appropriate amount of high-quality soap is dispensed for effective handwashing. These dispensers come with a variety of soaps, such as luxury foam, gel, or antibacterial soap.

When hand washing is not always possible, such as high foot-traffic retail spaces or healthcare centres, our hand sanitiser stations can be strategically installed to deliver washroom services and hand hygiene on the go. These sanitisation stations come in the form of wall-mounted or pedal-operated and both installations employ the use of premier alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

We are dedicated to providing peace of mind that hygiene levels in your premises are being maintained throughout the day, whether it’s handwashing or sanitising.

NWR Hygiene pedal operated sanitiser dispenser.

Hand drying services

Hand dryers are an essential part of any washroom service due to their eco-friendly and cost-effective hand-drying solution. Hand dryers reduce the need for businesses to purchase disposable hand towels, reducing the overall waste expended by your business and cutting the costs related to repurchasing these hand towels.

We offer state-of-the-art hand drying systems, from Dyson Airblade V to Air Lite Max. These systems are designed to cater to various business needs, providing fast, hygienic drying experiences while addressing both environmental concerns and financial considerations.

For businesses with varying foot traffic, our selection of colour-customisable hand dryers offers energy-saving options, high-speed drying, minimal or low noise settings and hygienic hand drying with the support of innovative UV lights that sanitise the air and hands during the drying process.

Each business is different and our team can provide the expertise you need to ensure you find a hand dryer that is the right size and efficiency for your washroom.  

NWR Hygiene Air Max Lite Hand Dryer.

Feminine hygiene services

Feminine hygiene is an important addition to your business’s washroom for several reasons. Proper feminine hygiene practices reduce the risk of infections and promote overall health and well-being for all washroom users. 

The use of appropriate bins and disposal methods is a key part of this washroom service as it also ensures a clean and safe environment, preventing the spread of diseases and odours. 

At NWR Hygiene, our priority is providing discreet, functional feminine hygiene disposal units for businesses of all sizes and sectors. That’s why we offer slimline disposal units and waste management services so your business does not have to worry about handling this waste.

Offered in black, white and chrome variations, these slimline bins cater to diverse washroom aesthetics and sizes of cubicles, making hygienic disposal accessible for all. We also offer bins with pedal operation, allowing for a hands-free experience and reducing the spread of germs throughout the premises. 

With scented liners and enclosed lids, these bins effectively contain and prevent unpleasant odours, creating a more pleasant washroom environment. 

NWR Hygiene bin for washroom services like feminine hygiene.

Vending machine services

The best washroom services are all about convenience and maintaining high business standards, that’s why vending machines are essential. These machines are crucial in providing access to essential items and meeting the various needs of restroom users in your business.

Vending machines in washrooms provide easy accessibility to essential toiletry items such as tissues, feminine hygiene products, breath mints, and, in more specialist machines, Pampers nappies, ensuring convenience for all users of your facility.

At NWR Hygiene, we provide our customers with ultra-modern vending machines and regular item replacement deliveries, ensuring peace of mind that your business’s washrooms are always stocked.  

NWR Hygiene vending machine.

Baby changing and nappy bin services

Baby changing tables and nappy disposals are essential parts of all washroom services and are necessary for providing safe and hygienic facilities for parents and caregivers.

These stations, equipped with well-maintained changing tables and hygienic disposal units for used diapers, offer convenience and cleanliness in any sized washroom. 

From NWR Hygiene, all our baby-changing units come with safety features like built-in straps to secure babies during changing as compliant with UK regulations. The changing tables are available in a variety of sizes and come in horizontal or vertical openings to fit conveniently in any size washroom.

When it comes to nappy disposal bins, we provide large-capacity bins with convenient disposal and waste management services to ensure your premises are safe, practical, and hygienic for all users.

NWR Hygiene nappy disposal bin.

Urinal treatment services

Urinal treatments are a necessity in men’s washrooms for several reasons. These treatments play a pivotal role in controlling unpleasant odours caused by urine and bacterial buildup or splashback, ensuring a more pleasant and inviting environment for users. 

We offer the Zing and Zest urinal treatments, that work effortlessly to ensure your washrooms remain fresh and hygienic:

NWR Hygiene Zing 

This product is a urinal mat that keeps drains and urinals free-flowing while controlling bacterial odours between washroom visits by emitting a pleasant fragrance.

NWR Hygiene Zest 

This powerful 60-day solution is designed to fit various urinal shapes and sizes. This product effectively eliminates bad smells, prevents splashback, and reduces the chances of drain blocking with a deep bubble and bristle design. This product also offers a fresh, vibrant fragrance, ensuring your business washrooms are fresh throughout. 

NWR Hygiene Urinal Zest product for urinal washroom services.

Water management services

Water management is one of the most important washroom services for businesses, it is essential for conserving water, cutting costs, and complying with hygiene and environmental regulations. 

At NWR Hygiene, we offer programmable, easily-fitted water management systems that monitor water usage from toilet tanks and ensure that water is not wasted in between uses.

NWR Hygiene water management washroom services.

NWR Hygiene: your business’s commercial washroom services partner

When organising washroom services for your commercial establishment, it is crucial to assess the available space, foot traffic, and the products necessary to cater to the needs of the facility’s users. NWR Hygiene is here to assist you with these considerations.

Our comprehensive washroom services include a thorough on-site survey and a free, no-obligation quote, ensuring we provide the most effective services and transparency, so you make the best decision for your premises. 

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