5 simple commercial hygiene tips

29th June 2023·Hints & Tips

A hygienic workplace environment reduces the likelihood of staff illnesses and can improve overall office wellbeing, which in turn has a positive impact on productivity. Within this blog post, we offer five useful ways that you can ensure high hygiene standards in your workplace.

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Set up a cleaning schedule

During business hours, it’s important that the high-traffic areas in your business premises are not neglected. These areas include restrooms, common spaces such as kitchens, and exits and entrances. Increasing your focus on these areas guarantees that the additional dirt and debris brought in by increased footfall is dealt with quickly and safely.

Invest in hygiene signage

Everyone needs a little reminder every now and then, and during busy days these can be even more important.

Implementing sanitation signage can be an effective way to remind customers and colleagues to wash their hands and dispose of rubbish in the proper containers in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Provide hand hygiene products

Providing easily accessible hand hygiene products throughout your premises can help to prevent office illnesses throughout the year.

Mounted soap dispensers can lower the risk of cross-contamination and can be placed in high-traffic areas. Combined with hygiene signage, these can be an effective way of promoting good hygiene practices within the workplace.

Other hygiene products you should consider as a business owner include nappy dispensers, feminine hygiene disposal units and air fresheners to ensure colleagues and customers are comfortable and well-catered for.

Create or maintain staff areas

Creating a safe and suitable space for staff to congregate and relax on their breaks is not only good for morale, but is also, for certain work environments, a legal requirement. Having a designated area for eating and drinking makes cleaning easier and reduces the risk of spillages.

With kitchens and canteens being shared environments, it is of paramount importance that these areas are hygienic. Efficient waste management can help to keep your workplace break areas fresh and odour-free.

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Get help from commercial hygiene providers

A clean business not only enhances your visitor’s overall experience but also promotes a healthy and productive work atmosphere.

NWR Hygiene provides full-service hygiene solutions for businesses across multiple sectors. We can provide specialist waste management, soap dispensers, washroom products, dust mats, air purifiers and more, guaranteeing that your commercial space looks refreshed and feels safe throughout the year.

Put the cleanliness of your business in the hands of the professionals, and get in touch today for more commercial hygiene tips!

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