With a Little Help from My Friends

1st March 2017·Industry News

We are all independent animals, the human race. We love to do things ourselves, to figure things out. This applies to the male of the species particularly. In the pre-sat nav days the male driver would invariably ‘know’ how to get where he was going. He didn’t need a map, nor would he demean himself by asking directions of anyone.

When something breaks in the home, or at work, just ‘Google It’ and the answer and step by step instructions on how to fix the problem would miraculously appear.


Until you try to fix some of the more complex problems, that is.

And how long do some of these simple solutions gleaned from Google actually take to implement?

And do you really have the skillset to implement them?

The point is that if we were so skilled at doing all the things we attempt to do there would be no need for the specialists who spent many months, if not years, acquiring the skills necessary to ‘fix things’.

This is where a service contract is invaluable. Instead of struggling endlessly to find out ways to fix problems, you can focus instead on your core business of making your clients happy and your business profitable. The minor cost attached to a service contract is your ‘insurance policy’ against things going wrong. Work out how much your time is worth and apply that against the time cost of trying to solve the problem of broken machinery or other maintenance issues and you will see that your contact is a great way of protecting against the time-vampires that will suck your available time dry.

Without a contract, you have two options – fix it yourself (stealing your time and focus) or find someone else to fix it for you. Not easy – how do you find the repairman in the first place; are they any good; and how much will it cost.

With a service contract you have a fixed cost, a service level agreement so that you know the response time for a call-out and most importantly, peace of mind that your contractor will be on the way to fix the problem with a single call.

Washrooms are critically important to a business and having a team on standby to both regularly service the equipment AND be available to fix any issues is an absolute godsend to a company. Moreover there are even more benefits to be had from taking out a support contract with NWR Hygiene – cost savings.

By opting to work with us you will find that your running costs for your washroom machinery will decrease. We offer the most energy efficient solutions for our customers that can and will save them money on their running costs. A free, no-obligation site assessment carried out by one of our experienced assessors will confirm this – you will be provided with an estimate of just how much money you could save by partnering with NWR Hygiene Group, Couple this with our FREE installation offer, you have an unbeatable combination to add to your business efficiencies.

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