True Heroes

23rd March 2017·Industry News

It is one of the most overused (and inappropriate) descriptives in today’s media – ‘hero’. Somebody scores a couple of goals – and is  immediately dubbed a  hero in the written report. This is demeaning to those whose heroic and selfless acts  really benefit society.

Take yesterday’s terror attacks in London yesterday. News reports and images of people fleeing away from danger.

At the same time, the men and women of our emergency services were running towards the danger area to carry out their duties. These brave people are the true heroes of our time. Sadly PC Keith Palmer lost his life carrying out his duty; but his sacrifice shows how a true hero would react. I have the utmost respect for these people and it makes me really proud to be British. Our resolve in times of crisis is amazing and our reaction to others in distress is commendable. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered in any way during this attack, particularly those families who have suffered loss.

To the men and women of our emergency services, police, security and armed forces, I salute you and thank you for keeping our country safe in times of danger.

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