Does Your Football Club Score with its Washroom Facilities?

27th February 2017·Industry News

Football stadia have a lot of high expectations riding on them.

Not only are they expected to deliver high levels of entertainment during a game, they often provide post-season entertainment in the form of concerts, or even non-football sporting events.

But where there are tens of thousands of people gathered, it brings along additional logistics problems that are very important to attendees – washroom facilities.

The average attendance of Premier League matches in the 2015/16 season was 36,452. That is a lot of fans using the stadium facilities pre, post and during a game.

The UK’s premier sports stadium at Wembley knows the importance of washrooms and provides 2,618 toilets for its attendees.

The UEFA guide to quality stadiums states:
“One of the most important public facilities in a stadium are the toilets.”

The guidelines for toilet provision at Stadia are:

• 1 WC for every 125 female spectators

• 1 WC for every 250 male spectators

• 1 urinal for every 125 male spectators

• 1 wheelchair accessible WC for every 15 wheelchair users

So the toilets in stadiums are important. To help Football Clubs provide excellent facilities, NWR Hygiene Group has devised a comprehensive facilities managment plan to ensure that their facilities are in the Premier League, so if you want to ensure a home win every time – at least in the washroom area – call the Stadium experts on 01207 505275.

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