Companies That Care

16th March 2017·Industry News

Being Part of the ‘Companies That Care’ Initiative

The third Thursday in every month is ‘Companies That Care Day’ and here at NWR Hygiene we fully support and believe in this annual initiative.

Companies That Care Day is an annual event that encourages employers to highlight and expand their employee and community initiatives, and recognises the people who make their companies successful.

Companies that care value employees and are committed to community service.

Caring companies believe that their employees and the community are important to their success. They are committed to providing a workplace in which employees can thrive and working to sustain and strengthen their community.

These 10 Characteristics define caring and responsible organizations (from the Companies That Care website):

  1. Sustain a work environment founded on dignity and respect for all employees
  2. Make employees feel their jobs are important
  3. Cultivate the full potential of all employees
  4. Encourage individual pursuit of work/life balance
  5. Enable the well-being of individuals and their families through compensation, benefits, policies and practices
  6. Develop great leaders, at all levels, who excel at managing people as well as results
  7. Appreciate and recognise the contributions of people who work there
  8. Establish and communicate standards for ethical behavior and integrity
  9. Get involved in community endeavors and/or public policy
  10. Consider the human toll when making business decisions

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