Cleaning Up Football

20th February 2017·Industry News

If you have ever been to a Football Match you will know just how busy it can get on Match days. Stewards everywhere keeping an eye on things, one or two cups of tea (and stronger) being served; not to mention the pies and sandwiches being consumed by the many thousands of people at the game. For several hours on a Saturday, facilities at Football clubs become really pressurised and it is vital that everything is functioning smoothly and efficiently in order to cope with this enormous, if short-lived, demand.

The monitoring required to ensure all of these necessary services is key to a good experience by the fans attending the event, and they should be so seamless that the fan doesn’t actually notice them.

This applies particularly to washroom facilities. These are one of the things really taken for granted – and one of the things that can be disastrous if they fail to perform.

We have quite a few Football Club washrooms under our facilities management care and these have to be of premiership standard throughout as they have to be high performers every match day – you can’t call on a substitute if they are having an off-day.

This is why we offer a free, no-obligation site survey and assessment of every facility we are asked to tender for. Our skilled assessors can determine how well-equipped the existing facilities are to cope with the demand and make suggestions that, more often than not, can result in huge costs-savings combined with increased efficiencies on our management services are in place.

Our service crews are second none in the facilities-management field and will maintain your facilities to the very highest standard to ensure maximum customer satisfaction – both yours and your own customers, throughout the sports season.

We have case studies for you to view relating to how we have managed some major Football Clubs facilities, and can guarantee the highest levels of customer satisfaction with our services.

Give us a call – we can’t guarantee a clean sheet every week, but we can guarantee your washroom facilities will be ready for action every matchday.

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