‘Appy Days for Washroom Users

28th March 2017·Industry News

It seems that our friends at Vectair aren’t the only ones keen to talk about public restrooms – over the past year or so, a new craze has sprung up amongst app developers to build apps that help users find and rate public toilets!

Before you sniff in disgust, this is actually a really good idea! Getting caught short whilst out and about is nobody’s idea of a good time, so downloading and using even one of these apps could keep your bladder happy – and your nose and eyes too, if you’re near a toilet with a good rating from other users!

What are these wonderful apps, we hear you cry! Read on to find out more…


Flush is available for both iOS and Android and is free to download. Created by jRuston Apps, it uses your location to display the nearest public toilets in your area at the time, and operates on a worldwide basis!

Users have the option to also search by post/zip code, town or city, and zoom in on the map to find their correct area. Toilets with facilities such as disabled access or require money to use will be clearly highlighted in the list, and can leave ratings and reviews as they see fit for others to read. Perhaps the best bit is also that users can get instant directions to the toilet they want to visit – no more walking in vain looking for that elusive toilet sign!

Toilet Finder

Another free to use app for both iOS and Android, Toilet Finder has been rated 4+ on the AppStore and 3.4 on Google Play. Like SitOrSquat, it is only currently available for US users, and shows users the nearest public restrooms by location, with a star rating for each listing and distance in metres. Handicap and Pay-per-Use locations are clearly marked, and users can also mark a toilet as “Doesn’t Exist” if they arrive only to find it’s been closed (or never existed in the first place – often a moment of doom!)

This app is only available in English and has been optimised for iPhone 5 and above.


BathroomMap is powered by Premier Medical Group and has been designed to work worldwide on iOS and Android, with multi-language support across 25 languages, including English, French, German and Russian. Premier Medical Group have stated that this app is great for users with medical conditions that may require a quick exit to the nearest toilet, such as Chron’s Disease, kidney stones and MS, as well as of course for pregnant ladies and trips with small children who can’t wait. We think this is a great app for everyone though, especially as the latest version has been updated for enhanced speed!

The best feature of this app (in our opinion) is the level of detail available – if possible, telephone numbers have been added to each listing so users can double check availability before they visit, the detailed FAQ (with information such as bathroom colour system used within the app) and the automatic driving detection feature, that updates the bathrooms available as you travel by location.

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